• School Board

    The School Board’s Role

    The School Board of Independent School District 622 decides matters pertaining to the maintenance and operation of the School District. The state gives the School Board the authority and responsibility to:

    • Develop and adopt district policies.
    • Employ a superintendent to provide educational leadership for the district and serve as its chief administrative officer.
    • Provide materials, equipment, supplies, and facilities to support an effective educational program.
    • Represent the views of the community on educational issues.
    • Provide an equal educational opportunity for every child in accordance with state and federal laws.

    Board members are elected by voters to represent their interests in determining how the schools will be operated. The Board establishes policy on everything from curriculum to athletic programs. The superintendent of schools is responsible for implementing such policies.

    Study Sessions

    Study Sessions are informal discussion-style meetings, and no official School Board action is taken. Study Session meetings are open to the public, and dates and times are posted online at www.isd622.org/schoolboard as soon as they become available.

    Business Meetings

    The School Board typically conducts one business meeting per month at the District Education Center, 2520 East 12th Avenue, North St. Paul. Meeting agendas are posted online at www.isd622.org/boardbook the Friday before the meeting date.

    Board members do not engage in dialog with speakers during Public Comment, but if appropriate, the Board Chair and/or Superintendent may appoint an administrator to address speaker comments.

    School Board meetings are broadcast live on YouTube and Cable Channel 20. The meeting is rebroadcast daily at 10 a.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m on Ch 20 and can be viewed anytime on YouTube by searching for ISD 622.

    Public Engagement

    Public engagement opportunities may be scheduled to engage district residents in a setting outside the formal structure of a School Board meeting. Public engagement opportunities will be posted on the website at www.isd622.org/schoolboard.

    Contact Information

    To send an email to individual board members, using firstname_lastname@isd622.org. Board members welcome community input via email. Messages are checked regularly and responded to promptly.

    Visit the School Board website for more information.

  • School Board Members

    Michelle Yener, Chair
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Nancy Livingston, Vice Chair
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024 

    Dan Peltzman, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Caleb Anderson, Treasurer
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2026

    Kita Yang, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024

    Julia Martens, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024

    Charlotte Nitardy, Director
    Term ends Dec. 31, 2024