• Staying Informed & Connected

    District 622 provides parents with several ways to keep informed about district events, decisions, and student achievement.

    622 Website

    Information about the district, School Board agendas, district policies, contact information, and links to individual school sites can all be found on the district website at www.isd622.org.

    District 622 Mobile App

    Download the free District 622 Mobile App to view district news stories, access menus & bus routes, view activities & athletics information, access Parent Portal, receive important alerts, view calendars, and more! Links to the app stores and a QR code can be found at www.isd622.org/mobileapp.

    Follow Us on Social Media

    Find ISD 622 on Twitter (@isd622), Facebook (/ISD622), Instagram (@ISD622), and YouTube (ISD 622). School Board meetings are broadcast live on YouTube. Past meetings are also available.

    622 e-News

    The 622 e-news is emailed to all families bi-weekly during the school year and summer break. The e-news contains news and accomplishments, information about upcoming events, school news, and photos.

    Cable Channel 20

    District 622 manages the content on Cable Channel 20. School Board meetings are shown daily at 10 a.m., 4 p.m., and 8 p.m. A bulletin board with district information scrolls continuously across the screen at other times.

    622 News

    The District 622 News is a postcard mailed to all residents and businesses within the district and open-enrolled families several times a year. The postcard contains news, feature stories, and photos.

    622 Tipline

    District 622 relies on students, staff, and families to help identify the sources of any threats involving our schools. If you or your student see or hear anything, please access the Tip Line on the website or through our District 622 mobile app. Your tip can be anonymous. Reporting categories include bullying, drugs, feedback, fighting, kudos, personal crisis, safety risk, threat, vandalism, and weapons.

    Electronic Notifications

    District 622 uses Blackboard Mass Notification to deliver messages to families via phone, email, text, and the District 622 mobile app. Schools send informational and attendance messages to families, Nutrition Services sends out balance information, and the district provides notification in the case of school closings or early dismissals.

    Online Surveys

    Periodically, District 622 conducts surveys of its stakeholders to collect information about district programs and services. For example, a parent survey is sent out each spring. Parents are encouraged to respond to this opportunity to provide feedback to the superintendent, school board, and district administration. 

    Campus Parent (formerly Parent Portal)

    District 622 uses the Campus Student Information System for students in grades K-12 to collect student data while also allowing parents to view the records of their children, including grades, schedule, and attendance. The system also provides parents with an easy way to get involved and stay involved in their child’s education.

    Rights to Campus Parent will be granted to parents or guardians of currently enrolled students. For new students, account information will be emailed to parents within 1-2 weeks of student enrollment. If your student is changing schools within District 622, your Campus Parent account will follow them - there is no action needed on your part.

    Schoology Learning Management System (Middle and High School only)

    District 622 uses Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication. Schoology enables our students, parents, and teachers to engage with learning materials and their school community from the classroom and beyond.

    With Schoology, students can digitally submit homework assignments, review grades, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take tests, write academic blogs, and more.

    As a parent, you can view your child’s activity within the platform. You and your child will be given login credentials. Student progress and activity will be monitored by faculty to ensure a safe, secure, and controlled environment.

    Seesaw (Elementary School)

    District 622 uses Seesaw, an electronic learning environment, with our elementary learners in grades Prek-5. Seesaw supports parent-teacher communication and provides a place for students to complete assignments and for parents to follow their student's work.  Parents use the Seesaw Parent and Families app, students use the Seesaw Classroom app. Learn more about Seesaw Resources and Tips on the District 622 website.

    Internet Use by Students

    Internet access allows students to explore libraries, databases, and other resources worldwide, enhancing their education. The use of the Internet will be related to learning activities, established curriculum, or officially sanctioned extra-curricular activities.
    District 622 reserves the right to monitor content and use of information networks, including personal files and e-mail files of students, and to take appropriate disciplinary action when violations occur. Users should expect only limited privacy in the contents of personal files in the school district systems.

    A parent/guardian-signed District 622 Chromebook/Device User Agreement form will be required by each student to be allowed access to the District’s wireless network.

    The Internet Acceptable Use Policy (524) is summarized on the Student Responsibility Policies tab and can be found online at www.isd622.org/policies.