• Student Information

    Student Records

    School Board policy makes student records available to parents and students 18 years of age or older. This open policy enables parents to inspect, with professional interpretation, their student’s records. Upon turning 18, students have the same rights as parents and have jurisdiction over their records.

    If parents wish to challenge school records, they may ask for a hearing to contest the accuracy or inclusion of data.

    The School District will not furnish information from students’ records to third parties without the permission of the student or parents or unless the request is accompanied by a subpoena or court order. Student records are transferred to educational institutions when requested by the school. Parental permission is not required. (See Releasing Information to the Military and Releasing Student Information for instances in which the district releases student records.)

    By law, student directory information must be given to all persons requesting it unless the parent does not want the information released. (See Directory Information.)

    Directory Information
    Certain student data is considered “directory information.” This information allows the district to announce students’ names, publish honor rolls, programs, etc. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute Chapter 13, regarding directory information and military recruitment offices requesting said information:

    “Subd. 5. Directory information. Information designated as directory information pursuant to provisions of United States Code, Title 20, Section 1232g and Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34, Section 99.37, which are in effect on January 1, 2007, is public data on individuals. When conducting the directory information designation and notice process required by federal law, an educational agency or institution shall give parents and students notice of the right to refuse to let the agency or institution designate any or all data about the student as directory information. This notice may be given by any means reasonably likely to inform parents and students of the right.”

    The following information is directory information in District 622:

    • Student’s name, date of birth, and grade.
    • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports.
    • Weight and height of athletic team members.
    • Degrees, honors, and awards received.
    • The most recent educational agency or institution attended.
    • Photos, such as those taken for yearbooks or other school and district publications, are directory information for those purposes only.
    • Name, address, and telephone number of the student’s parents. 

    Directory information does not include identifying data referencing religions, race, color, gender, social position, or nationality.

    Withholding Information
    Parents may request that a portion or none of this directory information be made available. A parent or student who is 18, who wishes to make directory information private must notify their principal by October 15 of each year the child attends district schools using the ISD 622 Opt-Out form.

    The ISD 622 Directory Information, Photo/Video, and Military Opt-Out form can also be found at www.isd622.org/optout.

    Identifying Students in Photos

    Student pictures and identifying names will be included in school publications and may be given to the local media. However, any student or parent may request that photos not be published. (See Withholding Information) This request does not cover pictures taken at public school events by the news media or the District Communications Office. (See Student Photos/Video)  

    The Communications Office works directly with school administrators to respect parent requests to keep their children’s photographs from appearing in district publications. 

    Student Photos/Video

    Throughout the year, district staff and partner organizations take photos and videos in classrooms, buildings, and events for use in publications, websites, social media, and other outreach and public relations purposes. 

    If a child is not to be included in these activities, parents must complete the ISD 622 Directory Information, Photo/Video, and Military Opt-Out form by October 15 of each year. The Opt-Out form can be found at www.isd622.org/optout.

    This form must be completed each year that your child is enrolled in district schools. The notification remains in effect until October 15 of the next school year. It is also suggested that you discuss your opt-out decision with your children, so they are less likely to volunteer to be on camera or interviewed.

    Occasionally, the media will ask to take photos or videos to accompany a story about an ISD 622 student, program, or other activity. School administration will try to notify parents in advance of these opportunities.

    District 622 is not responsible for, nor has control of, any photos/video taken by the public at school public events (such as sporting events and concerts) which are published in newspapers, on TV, or online.


    Federal law requires high schools to provide military recruiting officers access to public directory data and the names, addresses, and home telephone numbers of all 11th and 12th-grade students.

    Parents, or a student who is 18, have a right to refuse the release of this data. The ISD 622 Directory Information, Photo/Video, and Military Opt-Out form can be found at www.isd622.org/optout.