• Student Health Services

    District 622 provides health services to all students in each building. Students have access to a nurse who will dispense and monitor medication with written direction from both parent and health care provider, provide first aid and emergency care, maintain health records, and create and implement health care plans. Health Services is also actively involved in creating and implementing accommodations to support student achievement.

    Parents will be notified prior to any screenings administered during the school day by phone call, school newsletter, or notes sent home with the student.

    Free and low-cost health insurance available
    Minnesota Health Care Programs has free and low-cost health insurance for children and families who qualify. For more information, call your county office, call 1-877-KIDS-NOW, or visit http://mn.gov.dhs/people-we-serve/adults/health-care. Information is also posted on the 622 website at www.isd622.org/mnhealthcare.