• Wellness

    The ISD 622 School Board recognizes that nutrition promotion and education, physical activity, and other school-based activities that promote student wellness are essential components of the educational process and that good health fosters student attendance and learning.

    In 2017, District 622 adopted a revised Wellness policy to promote student wellness, prevent and reduce childhood obesity, and assure that school meals and other food and beverages sold and otherwise made available on the school campus during the school day are consistent with applicable minimum local, state, and federal standards.

    Competitive Foods and Beverages
    All foods and beverages sold on school grounds to students, outside of reimbursable meals, are considered “competitive foods.” Competitive foods include items sold a la carte in the cafeteria, from vending machines, school stores, and in-school fundraisers.

    All competitive foods will meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School (Smart Snacks) nutrition standards and any applicable state nutrition standards. Smart Snacks aim to improve student health and well-being, increase consumption of healthy foods during the school day, and create an environment that reinforces the development of healthy eating habits.

    Before and Aftercare (child care) programs must also comply with the school district’s nutrition standards unless they are reimbursable under the USDA school meals program. They must comply with all applicable USDA standards.

    Foods and Beverages Made Available to Students
    Student wellness will be a consideration for all foods offered but not sold to students on the school campus, including foods provided through:

    • Celebrations and parties: The school district will provide a list of healthy party ideas to parents and teachers, including non-food celebration ideas. Suggested alternatives may be found at www.isd622.org/healthyschools.

    • Classroom snacks brought by parents: The school district will provide parents with a list of suggested foods and beverages that meet Smart Snacks' nutrition standards. www.isd622.org/healthyschools

    • Rewards and incentives: Schools will not use food/beverages as rewards for academic performance or good behavior (unless allowed by a student’s individual education or behavior intervention plan) and will not withhold foods/beverages as punishment.

    • Fundraising: The school district will provide a list of suggested healthy fundraising ideas. www.isd622.org/healthyschools.

    Food and Beverage Marketing in Schools
    Schools will restrict food and beverages marketing to only those foods and beverages that meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards.