• 2022-2023 North High Attendance Guidelines

    2022-23 North High Attendance Guidelines (Printable Version)

    2022-23 North High Attendance Guidelines for Families

    Regular attendance is crucial to success in high school. We want all of our students in attendance as much as possible so we can help make that success happen. District 622 and North High are required by law to report absences and possible truancies to the State and County authorities.

    Covid Impact Statement
    North High wants to support our students and families as much as possible as we all transition back to a more normalized school year with more normalized attendance guidelines. If Covid is impacting attendance, please contact the school immediately. Also, please understand that as the pandemic evolves these guidelines are subject to change.

    Link to full ISD 622 School Board Policy 503: Student Attendance

    If a student is unable to attend school they will be marked absent. Guardians may call the school to have an absence excused for things like illness, family emergencies or religious observations. Reasons like transportation, working or oversleeping are not reasons to excuse an absence. Absences that are not excused for a valid reason will be considered truancies. ○ What do I do if my student was absent or is going to be absent: Please call into the attendance line at 651-748-6190 to report an absence or pre-arrange an absence.

    Absences that are unexcused will be considered truancies. North High is required by law to report truancies to the County authorities. Excessive truancies can result in school and legal consequences. Students with 5 or more truancies will be referred to the County Truancy Offices. North High is also required to drop the enrollment of any students with 15 consecutive absences--excused or unexcused.

    Students are expected to be on time to all classes. If they are not, they will be marked tardy. Excessive tardies will result in school supports and interventions that may include parent phone conferences, detentions and reductions in opportunities for after school activities.

    Daily Guardian Notification of Absences
    Guardians will be notified through our automated notification systems (phone call/text/email) at the end of the day when a student has been marked absent or tardy for at least one period during the school day

    Closed Campus
    North High School is a closed campus throughout the entire school day--including during lunch. Students are not allowed to leave campus during the school day.

    Late Arrivals/Early Releases
    Students must have a pass to leave school early for things like appointments. Please contact the attendance line or bring a note to the Welcome Desk to make these arrangements. Students arriving late to school will need either a parent note or a phone call to the attendance line explaining the late arrival. Students arriving within the first ten minutes of class will be marked tardy. Arriving more than 10 minutes late to class will be considered a class absence.

    Pending Administrator approval, absences due to vacations may be excused up to 5 days. Additional days may be marked as unexcused.

    Doctor Notes
    In cases of excessive excused absences for illness, the school may request a doctor’s note before excusing additional absences.

  • Contact

    Attendance Line
    Call to excuse an absence or with questions

    Guidance Office
    Call to talk to a Counselor

    Keith Reynolds-12th Grade AP
    Call with questions or concerns