•  Principal's Page

    Kevin Wolff

    I am truly honored to be the principal at North High where our strong traditions, rich diversity and amazing students truly define who we are.  Every North student has the right to learn in an environment where they can thrive and so, it is my job as principal to make sure North is a place where students feel safe, valued, connected and challenged.  

    How well we connect with our students, our families and the North community is critical to our success.  Student voice drives so much of what we do and how we will do it with intention, fidelity and integrity. Our hope is that every family and community partner also feels connected to North and trusts that our amazing staff is devoted to the success of our students and preparing them for what comes after high school.

     Every day, we commit to eliminating barriers to high quality learning experiences while providing access to opportunities that encourage post-secondary education and exciting, relevant career pathways.  Positive connections and having fun inside and outside the classroom are so important in developing well-rounded students and that is why North also promotes the arts, athletics and activities.   

    If you have any questions, feedback, or things you'd like to share, please do not hesitate to contact me at kwolff@isd622.org. 

    Go Polars! 

    Kevin Wolff