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    A message from Activities Director Jed Helwig    

    North High School students can participate in a variety of co-curricular activities which promote pride, build character, and instill good sportsmanship while developing personal and team excellence. We strive to provide activities that appeal to a wide range of students because we believe students involved in activities benefit greatly through their participation.

    • Activities provide students countless teachable moments during which values such as empathy, courage, fairness, and responsibility, as well as respect for self and others, can be developed.
    • Activities connect students to caring adults in their learning environment who foster social-emotional growth and academic success.
    • Activities provide students with opportunities for moral, social, emotional, and civic growth. In order for activities to help students grow and develop their own moral compass, we must move beyond defining success by the scoreboard.

    We must create an atmosphere where student participation focuses on a higher purpose. Through well-defined pathways, supportive leadership, and intentional coaching, students can develop the capacity to lead productive, rewarding, and empathetic lives that result in the betterment of society.

    Go Polars!
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    Jed Helwig
    Activities Director
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