• Physical Information

    A copy of the Minnesota State High School League Physical Form needs to be completed by a Family Physician and turned into the School Nurse BEFORE AFFINITY WILL ALLOW YOU TO BEGIN THE REGISTRATION PROCESS.

    2022-2023 Minnesota State High School League Physical Clearance Form

    Additional information and instructions are detailed below.  

    NOTE - MINNESOTA STATE HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE PHYSICAL FORM needs to be completed and on file at the school in order for online registration to take place.  Please have the physical completed by a doctor and have your child turned into the office so the record can be updated. 
    NOTE - Athletic opportunities for 6th graders are limited to boys wrestling at Skyview Middle School for the winter.    
    NOTE - The new Affinity system, although a little time-consuming to set up, is a system that students will be using in high schools and will help streamline our work at Skyview Middle School tremendously.  If there are any issues or problems, especially if it pertains to required physical information, not in the system, please email Katie Wirth.
    NOTE - Unfortunately, there will be forms that will need to be re-submitted each season.  The system is not able to store certain items from season to season.  Thank you for your understanding.