• County Child Care Assistance

    We have worked with all of the counties in the Twin Cities (and several out) in accepting their Child Care Assistance Programs (CCAP). If we are already registered as a provider in the county from which you receive assistance, the process of getting authorized for care is generally fairly quick. If you receive assistance from a MN county in which we are not currently registered as a provider, we will be happy to register as a provider with them. 

    In the registration, there is a section to complete if you receive or expect to receive assistance. Please read this section carefully as there is much information.

    If you receive county child care assistance, your invoices will be sent toward the beginning of your bi-weekly service period and your co-pay will be due by the last day of the service period. 

    The registration fee must be paid at the time of registration. If your registration is received prior to May 1st, your registration fee will be applied to your co-pays, any additional fees (late pickup fees, schedule change fees, etc) or any amount that the county doesn't pay. If, at the end of the season (summer or school year), any remainder of the registration fee remains, it will be refunded to you. If your registration is received after May 1st, we will attempt to bill the county on the first invoice of the new season for the fee and reimburse you if they pay. Should you decide not to use care with us, the fee is not refundable.

    Our weekly rate in the summer may be higher than what the county is willing to pay. If you sign up for weekly care, you will be responsible for paying any amount the county won’t cover with your co-pays.