• Middle School Advanced Academics

    Enriched/Accelerated Courses

    Enriched/accelerated courses in language arts and mathematics are offered in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. These courses have embedded in their curriculum critical thinking skills along with enriching activities to support learning.

    Classroom Differentiation/Advocacy/Performance Monitoring/Course/Grade Acceleration

    Building Advanced Academics Staff members meet with school counselors and teachers regularly to discuss the academic program for identified advanced academic students to ensure that students are receiving the appropriate level of support and challenge.

    When appropriate, teachers, parents, and counselors explore the possibility of course or grade acceleration. 

    Enrichment Activities

    Enrichment activities are planned by Advanced Academics Staff members in collaboration with content area teachers. Before or after school opportunities along with special pullout activities may occur during the school year (depending on the activity, building schedules, etc.) 

    Social/Emotional Support

    Advanced Academics Staff members work closely with school counselors to monitor the unique social and emotional needs of advanced academic students and provide the appropriate level of support.

    Please contact your child’s building Advanced Academics Staff member with questions or concerns regarding your child’s learning program.