• BPA's Cookie Store

    The BPA Cookie store sells fresh-baked cookies, bottled water, and lemonade before school and during passing times after hours 1, 2 & 3. 
    Cookies are sold from the cookie store (Business/World Language circle), the upstairs balcony, in the lobby and in Titan Town.
    Cookies are $1 for 2 cookies and depending on the week, we have Chocolate Chip and Rainbow Chip flavors. Lemonade is $ .50 and we have regular (yellow) and raspberry lemonade, plus watch for special flavors throughout the year!  Bottled water is $1.00.
    BPA members learn about running their own business (entrepreneurship) through the cookie store. They bake, sell, and market the cookies, as well as keep track of stock and revenue and expenses, and keep the store clean and sanitary. The profits are used to help students pay for the different leadership conferences we attend throughout the year.  
  • BPA Cookie Store