• Summer School 2022

    While attending summer school is voluntary, it is highly recommended in order to stay on track for graduation. Failure to attend summer school and complete the assigned courses may result in delaying your student’s graduation date. 

    This summer’s high school credit recovery programming will be offered at both East View Academy (Intermediate District 916) and at the ISD 622 District Education Center-3rd floor. Students in grades 9-12 who have already been enrolled in 916’s East View Academy, Mahtomedi Academy or Credit Recovery Programs and those needing to recover senior level required courses will receive services at East View Academy.  All other 9th-12th grade students will receive their credit recovery services at ISD 622’s District Education Center, located at 2520 East 12th Avenue, North St. Paul.

    Please see below for more information about ISD 622 and ISD 916 Summer Programming.

    ISD 622 Summer School Letter

    ISD 622 Registration Form

    ISD 916 Summer School Letter - English, Spanish, Somali, Hmong

    ISD 622 Information

    • Programming will be held Monday through Thursday, June 21 - July 28, 7:45AM-12:45PM with no classes being held the week of July 4. Attendance is critical to recovery programming. If a student misses 5 consecutive days in a row, enrollment must be ended.  
    • Students will attend classes 2 days in-person and 2 days asynchronously via remote learning. Specific days of the week the student will be expected to be in-person will be assigned.  
    • Students will receive remedial instruction/support from a licensed teacher.
    • Students must complete daily attendance requirements AND satisfactorily complete required coursework to earn credit.
    • Virtual/phone support will be available to students needing help on asynchronous remote learning days.
    • If your student receives EL and/or special education services, there will be EL and special education support available.
    • Students will keep their 1:1 devices (rather than turn them in at the end of the school year) until the end of their summer credit recovery programming.
    • Students with a completed enrollment in 622 Summer Credit Recovery by June 2nd will receive a postcard in the US mail with their bus route information during the week of June 13-17th.
    • Students currently enrolled in ISD 622 will need to complete ISD 622’s Summer Credit Recovery Registration form using this link by May 23rd. 
    • Following the registration form submission, an electronic receipt will be sent (to the email used to complete the form) to confirm the information was received.
    • A Continual Learning Plan (CLP) will be mailed home following receipt of the registration form. The CLP will outline the courses the student will need to recover to be on track for graduation. Please sign and return the document to the Guidance Office (if a North student),  9/10 Office (if a Tartan student) 
    • When both the ISD 622 Summer Credit Recovery Registration form has been submitted and the Continual Learning Plan (CLP) has been signed and returned, an email will be sent to the student’s district email address, confirming their ISD 622 Summer Credit Recovery enrollment that will include any information needed to get started. 

    ISD 916 Information

    • Who should enroll in 916 summer school?
      • Students who are already enrolled in Credit Recovery through 916
      • Students who are already enrolled at East View or 916 Mahtomedi Academy
      • Students who need senior level courses (Economics, Pol Science, Physics, Jr/Sr Writing, Communications)
    • Students will keep their 1:1 devices (rather than turn them in at the end of the school year) until the end of their summer credit recovery programming.
    • June 14-July 29 (Mon-Fri 8:15am-2:27pm)
    • Shuttles will pick up students from Tartan High School at 7:40am, Skyview Middle School at 7:30am, District Education Center – Clinic Doors on 12th Ave at 7:40am and John Glenn Middle School West Doors at 7:55am. Shuttles will drop students off at 3:00pm at Tartan High School and the District Education Center, 3:10pm at Skyview and 2:50pm at John Glenn. Students will need to be at those locations or provide their own transportation to East View.
    • Students attending East View Academy for summer school will receive a letter in the mail with details in mid-May which is also posted above.