• 2022 Tartan Cross Country team

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    Spectator Expectations
    Saint Croix Bluffs is a Washington County Park that charges a $7/car park entry fee. All cars entering are required to pay. Although the park is pet-friendly, meet management respectfully requests that ALL pets be left at home.Spectators are requested to be masked at all times.

    The course is run largely on mown trails with some areas marked by paint and/or cones. Spectators are to remain completely away from all of the paths on the north side of the main entrance road.

    Spectators must stay completely away from team camp areas, the start area, and the finish area. For the coned course aver the last portion of the race, spectators must remain 3 meters (10 feet) outside of the cone line and NEVER cross the course between runners.

    From the Minnesota State High School League:

    • When spectators are allowed, they must NOT have access to athletes and must be restricted to areas outside of the course width.
    • There must be a restricted area at the finish that keeps spectators away, so they do not interfere with the "quick exit" of each athlete.
    • There must be a restricted area at the finish that maintains distance between spectators, athletes, and officials. Spectators should not interfere with the "quick exit" of each athlete.

    Additional Information

    • Teams have been asked to attempt to limit spectators to 2 per runner.
    • Runners have been reminded to stay away from spectators, including family members at the meet.
    • Coaches, managers, non-competing runners and race officials will be masked at all times.

    Our Appreciation
    The Metro East Conference very much thanks all fans for the support of their school and runners at today's meets. Especially appreciated is the cooperation shown in staying distant, wearing masks, avoiding contact, following protocols, and doing everything asked to keep the meets safe and healthy for everyone. Please know that if a meet or school official approaches you about something and asks for your cooperation, it's in the best interest of the athletes and in our ability to continue to hold these competitions. THANK YOU!

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