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    The Tartan Dance Team is a cooperative group of dancer-athletes who strive to promote the vision of Tartan High School athletics. The mission of the Tartan Dance Team is to provide dancers with a successful and meaningful student-athlete experience. Team members have personal goals of high academic achievement, increasing their dance ability, learning effective time management, forming strong friendships, and learning to become a valuable team member. The success of this team is due to the incredible dedication of the dancers, parent involvement, and experienced coaches. Dancers exhibit great sportsmanship, positive attitudes toward teammates, competitors, school, and parents.

    The Tartan Dance Team is comprised of four different teams who work separately to achieve the goals of the program. The Fall Hip Hop and Pom Squad is a non-competitive performance activity that brings school spirit to the sports events they perform at. The Winter Competitive Tartan Dance Team (TDT) is comprised of three teams. The B-Squad and Junior Varsity teams were established to provide a place for less experienced dancers to learn the dance technique, traditions, and values of the TDT. This is a preparatory program for the Varsity team. Winter Dance Team is classified as a sport by the Minnesota State High School League. The B-Squad, JV, and Varsity teams represent Tartan High School at conference competitions and invitational events during the winter season. All teams work very hard to support each other and all other programs at Tartan High School.
  • Coaches

    Alannah Peters
    Head Varsity Coach

    Victory Cox
    Fall Head Coach 

    Winter Dance Team

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