• Becoming a District 622 school board member

    Prospective board candidates: The decision to run for your local school board is one to which much thought and consideration must be given. Serving as a board member is one of the most important responsibilities a citizen can undertake. If elected, the educational standards that you, together with your fellow board members, establish will affect the future of the students, the community, and society. Being a board member is a complex and varied position and is often frustrating as you struggle for long hours with difficult choices. However, it is also rewarding as you watch students succeed and go on to lead productive lives as a result of the educational opportunities you helped to create. 

    According to Minnesota law, "the care, management, and control of independent districts shall be vested in a board of directors, to be known as the school board." There are certain implications in being responsible for the entire district which you may want to consider. Decisions need to reflect what is in the best interest of all students and all citizens. This position demands constant effort and a strong commitment to serving other people. 

    Listed below are helpful resources to guide you in making your decision, including links to the Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) brochures, training information, PowerPoint presentations, and webinars. 

    1. MSBA presentation “Running for the School Board - A Primer for School Board Candidates” 

    2. MSBA Phase I & Phase II workshop series

    • Learning to Lead - School Board Basics: Phase I covers the role of the school board, the role of the superintendent, the leadership team relationship, and common scenarios facing new board members. 
    • Leadership Foundations - School Finance and Management: Phase II covers topics such as budget, school finance, local levies, policies, significant laws affecting school boards, and personnel issues. 

    3. Legal requirements for school board members 

    ITo qualify for election to your local school board, you must

    School board members are elected to 4-year terms and take office on the first Monday in January. (M.S. 123B.09, Subd. 1). 

    II.  By law (M.S. 123B.09, Subd.1), the school boards in Minnesota are made up of either 6 or 7 members. Some exceptions have been created by special legislation,

    often for consolidated districts. Our school district has seven school board members. 

    III.  A conflict of interest if you are a board member and 

      • expect to make over $8,000 as an employee of the district in any fiscal year or (M.S. 123B.195
      • have a personal financial interest in the sale, lease, or contract with the district (there are exceptions) (M.S. 471.87 and M.S. 471.88) or 
      • hold another elected position except township board (Op. Atty Gen. 358 Dec. 18, 970) 

    IV.  Board Authority 

    M.S. 123B.02, Subd. 1, states that “the board must have the general charge of the business of the district, the schoolhouses, and of the interests of the schools thereof. The board’s authority to govern, manage, and control the district; to carry out its duties and responsibilities, and to conduct the business of the district includes implied powers in addition to any specific powers (of which there are many) granted by the legislature.” 

    The board’s authority must be reconciled with M.S. 123B.143 which states that all districts maintaining a classified secondary school must employ a superintendent. A number of specific duties of the superintendent are noted in the statute.

    4.  MSBA’s Running for School Board Webinar (Recorded June 24, 2020) 

    5.  Filing period 

      • August 2 - August 16, 2022 
      • District 622 Election’s Clerk Christine Thueson, cthueson@isd622.org or 651-748-7561 
      • Christine is located in the Business Office at the District 622 Education Center, 2520 E.12th Avenue, North St. Paul, 55109. 

    6)  List of 2022-2023 School Board meetings 

    7)  Open positions 

    For the Fall of 2022, there will be three openings, each with a 4-year term. There will also be one opening to fill a vacancy in the term expiring January 6, 2025.

    8Who to talk to for more information