• Language Programs

    District 622 offers a variety of programs and services for students learning English, wanting to learn another language, or wanting to strengthen and validate their multilingual abilities. Being multilingual is an asset and we encourage students to maintain their first languages as they acquire additional languages.

    Bilingual Seals Program

    Bilingual students in grades 10-12 can take the Bilingual Seal Exam each spring. The Minnesota Bilingual or Multilingual seals are awarded to students who demonstrate their ability to listen, speak, read, and write in a language other than English. The Bilingual Seals award is noted on their transcript. Students may also receive college credit for their achievement. Their language skills can also be highlighted on their resume. Many employers value having bilingual employees.

    Dual Language Immersion Program

    In the Dual Language Immersion program, students learn academic content while using two languages. District 622 began offering language immersion in Spanish, Mandarin, and Hmong in 2022-2023. In addition to developing bilingual and bi-literate language skills, students will learn about the cultures of their targeted language.

    Multilingual Learners Program

    Our Multilingual Learners program is centered on the belief that being multilingual is a benefit. We offer support and services to eligible multilingual learners to boost their academic English language learning, their success in gaining content knowledge, and meeting grade-level academic standards. Over 1,700 students receive ML support and servicesi. Our students come from many different countries and speak over 40 different languages.  

    World Languages

    District 622 offers French, Spanish, and American Sign Language in the secondary schools. Students can take three years of French or Spanish and then take even more advanced College in the Schools (CIS) French or Spanish classes. Heritage language classes are also offered for high school students who speak Spanish at home. Students who wish to learn a world language can begin in grade 8 and continue into the high school.  


    Our mission in District 622 is to develop and empower lifelong learners who thrive in diverse communities. Whether we help our students learn English, celebrate their bilingual language skills, or create bilingual citizens, our students will undoubtedly find success in the future.


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    Dual Language Immersion Programs
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