Skyview Student-Athlete Expectations



    Skyview Families of Athletes:

    The athletic department would like you to be aware of the expectations we have in place for our student-athletes at Skyview Middle School.  Athletics play an important role in many of our student's lives, and we want as many students to participate in athletics as possible.  At Skyview, our priorities for athletes are academics first and athletics second.  As an athletic department, we will be upholding high expectations for our athletes in school, the community, and on the field/court.  


    If a student is behind or failing a class, they will stay after school and make up any necessary work. Student-athletes must maintain a C or better in all classes.  If they are below a C, they will be ineligible to practice or play until their grade has increased to a C or better. In addition to academic expectations, student-athletes are expected to follow the ISD 622 Student Code of Conduct.  Just like grades, student-athletes must exhibit appropriate behaviors both in school and on the playing field/court. If there are any behavioral incidents that happen in school or on the field/court, playing time and other disciplinary action may occur.