• Young Scholars

    The Young Scholars program is for students from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. It offers advanced learning opportunities to students who are underserved in traditional high potential programs. First-grade through fifth-grade students are identified through observation in problem-solving lessons in the classroom, evaluation of work done for those lessons, and meetings with school staff. Once identified, those students receive enrichment lessons from the Young Scholars teacher. The lessons are based on teaching and reinforcing the following thinking skills:

    Divergent Thinking
    Students learn brainstorming techniques to develop a variety of possible solutions to given problems. Students practice and use fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration, the characteristics of divergent thinking.

    Convergent Thinking
    Students learn deducting and analytic thinking skills to solve problems. They use comparing and contrasting, and classifying techniques. They will use graphic organizers to sort and classifying information.

    Visual/Spatial Thinking
    Students learn to manipulate shapes to solve problems. They learn eventually that they can manipulate shapes mentally without concrete devices. They will identify patterns and analyze shapes in detail.

    Evaluative Thinking
    Students learn to develop criteria for evaluating possible solutions in a given problem. They will learn to base their decisions on factual criteria not just on opinion.