• Fall Newsletter

    Early Childhood

    Did you know that the Minnesota Department of Education has as part of its Minnesota State Standards, American Indian history and culture (especially Ojibwe and Dakota) weaved into all curriculum areas?

    Part of our mission here at ISD622 Indian Education is to provide teachers and students with well-vetted, authentic American Indian curriculum and materials to satisfy those standards. Four years ago, we developed a website to house all our curriculum so anyone interested could benefit from that knowledge. Each year we have added new lessons and content.

    This year’s offering is in science “American Indian Inventions/Engineering.” Although it was meant to assist teachers and students in 3rd, 5th and 8th grades, we opened it up for all grades (and adults) knowing that new knowledge is a good thing no matter how old you are.

    So check out our educational web site at: www.ojibwe-dakota-in-mn.com

    Our new Science curriculum should be up and running by November 15th. If you have questions or comments call robin at 651-748-7548.