• School Meals

    Good nutrition: Essential for learning

    A balanced, nutritious diet is essential for a student's maximum learning ability. The district's Nutrition Services department assists in that process. We serve a U.S.D.A. recommended menu for all students.

    Our nutrition program is computerized. Personal Identification Numbers, or PINs, are mailed to students' homes. Students are notified when their lunch accounts need money.

    Nutrition Services staff serves familiar foods that are popular with students while introducing a variety of new foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are very evident in the school lunch menu. Additionally, the fat content of each meal is monitored to meet the federal standards.

    Milk may be purchased for 40 cents a carton for students bringing lunch from home. Lactose-free milk is available for your child upon written request to the Food Service office, 2520 East 12th Avenue, North St. Paul, MN 55109.

    Please visit our Food Services page for more information.


    Free/Reduced Meals

    Free or reduced-priced meals are available to students who qualify. To determine if you qualify, return the completed form before school starts. Applications must be submitted each year.

    If your financial circumstances change during the school year and you find that you qualify for free/reduced meal prices, you may submit an application to Nutrition Services at any time.

    Families on AFDC or Food Stamps receive a letter from the county Human Services Department. You may file the letter instead of an application. Either an application or a county letter must be filed with Nutrition Services before free or reduced meals will be provided.

    You will be notified by mail when your application is approved. If you are eligible for free or reduced-priced meals and do not apply, you are responsible for the cost of meals eaten by your child.

    If you have questions, call Nutrition Services at 651-748-7530.