• Web Resources for Kids!



    Libraries and Museums

    • Exploratorium hands-on science museum. Housed within the walls of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, the Exploratorium is a collage of 650 interactive exhibits in science, art, and human perception.
    • Franklin Institute of Science, Philadelphia.   Visitors can conduct online science experiments, visit virtual pets in the Robot Zoo. 
    • Visit the Internet Public Library with stories, a chance to talk with authors, and Doctor Internet Science Project.
    • The Smithsonian Institute It is often called the country's attic so this link has just about everything but enough time to explore it all! Teachers may want to check out the educational resources pages!
    • The World Wide Web Virtual Library of Museums


    Social Studies and Health

    • Endangered Species Home Page is full of links and information and pictures! This site is for the public, but is also used by the Service to transmit information to all its agents around the world.
    • National Geographic their main web page with LOTS of kid things to do.
    • National Parks Explore our National Parks.
    • Nutrition Learn about nutrition in a fun way (From Dole).
    • Star Child is another one of the great NASA sites: "A learning center for young astronomers!"