• Student Opportunities Overview

    Eagle Point has many academic opportunities for students. We strive to provide the best education possible for each of our students.

    Adventure Connection
    (Before and after school child care)

    Adventure Connection at Eagle Point is the fun and exciting place kids can come before and after school for enriching experiences! Many activities and choices allow the children to spend time with students of all ages. Some activities are offered for specific age groups, other activities include all of our students. We attempt to strike a balance between structured and non structured activities. New this year, each week we are dedicating time on building and honing social skills. It is important for our program to support learning in an informal environment that does not attempt to recreate the classroom. In addition to being open before and after school daily, we are also open during many days that school is not in session. For example, teacher workshop days, winter vacation, and spring break. We have a dedicated, professional staff that truly enjoy working with children and are inspired by them daily. We look forward to seeing you in Adventure Connection.   Please visit Eagle Point's Adventure Connection by clicking on the following link:  Eagle Point Adventure Connection.

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    The English as a Second Language Program (ESL) at Eagle Point provides supplemental support in language arts instruction for children whose first language is not English. Our objective is to provide specialized instruction for English Learners so that they will succeed in both academic and social settings. English Learners are taught using push-in classes within their mainstream grade level, small pull-out classes or individualized instruction depending on their language needs.

    Advanced Learning Opportunities

    Eagle Point provides an academic curriculum to students accelerated in learning (SAIL). SAIL curriculum develops higher-level thinking skills, as well as critical thinking skills incorporated within three units of study; Inventions, Research, and Hands on Equations. SAIL students have opportunities to participate in additional activities throughout the year including COMET, Inventors Fair, Research Fair, and Game Night.

    The SAIL resource teacher works with small groups of students, as well as Eagle Point Staff to provide resources for academic differentiation in the classroom. Beginning this year, the SAIL teacher will also provide strategy labs to classrooms. Strategy labs are an opportunity to teach higher-level thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and critical thinking skills to all students. Through academic games, students will learn these skills and, ideally, apply these skills to everyday life.

    Study Island

    Study Island is a web-based computer program for students to work on reading and math. Fourth and fifth grades may also access science. All Eagle Point students have access to Study Island on their home computers and at school.

    Study Island is built using the State Standards for subject mastery as well as enrichment. Classroom teachers will inform students and parents how to access the program.

    Targeted Services

    Throughout the school year, we offer Targeted Services classes for students before and after the regular school day. Targeted Services is an intervention/prevention program for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The program offers support for reading and math with a different approach. Usually, the program includes social and emotional development along with academics. Classroom teachers will notify families when their child is eligible for this program.

    Young Scholars

    Eagle Point is in the first year of the Young Scholars Program. The Young Scholars (YS) program was adapted from Fairfax County and ISD 196 Public Schools. The model was piloted at three district 622 elementary schools in 2009-2010 school year and has expanded to all district elementary schools in the 2010-2011 school year. Young Scholars believes in the need to nurture, guide, and support learners who have advanced ability.

    The purpose of Young Scholars is to find and identify students from historically underrepresented populations with high potential abilities. Kindergarten through fourth grade students receives a series of four to five lessons provided by the Young Scholar Specialist. Classroom teachers in collaboration with the specialist, will observe students, collect anecdotal records, and review test scores to identify scholars who have gifted potential. Once identified, Young Scholars will receive a variety of enrichment designed to support and nurture advanced academic abilities.

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