• Parents and Teachers in Partnership

    An important role for parents is serving as an advocate for your child in the school setting. The partnership between home and school is two parts of a puzzle that need to fit together. You will always know the most about your own child and who he/she is and what it is that makes him/her tick.

    The classroom teacher has the advantage of knowing what children of your child's age group are like emotionally, socially and academically. The teacher has had experience with many more eight or nine year olds than you have and can put things into a frame of reference.

    Here are some thoughts and tips on how to help form that strong home/school bond:

    • Your child's education is a partnership from the first day of school to the last day graduation ceremony.
    • Get to know youf child's tacher early on.
    • Catch and compliment the teacher for unique activities, flexibility, time, etc.
    • Before calling or meeting with a teacher over a perceived issue, discuss the situation with your child and brainstorm creative solutions.
    • Empower your child to resolve the situation on his/her own. When is the appropriate time to discuss this with the teacher? What would be said and what would your child say if the suggestion is not acceptable?

    When should a parent contact a teacher?

    • Contact your teacher if something is harmful to your child's self-esteem or general attitude about school. Listen to what emotions your child is expressing. Remember that your child's point of view may be different than the teacher's. Ask your child what he/she would want you to share with the teacher and what creative solutions he/she might have.
    • Always communicate with the teacher first, before going up the chain of command to the principal.
    • Make an appointment with the teacher indicating the reason for a conference. Be specific about your concern. State what you have tried at home. Ask for ways to work together. Try to reach consensus.

    Your attitude of supporting the teacher and school gives your child a feeling of security. Those most important to your child are united in helping him/her achieve school success.