• Finance Department

    Welcome to the Finance Department in District 622!
    There are three main components of this department - payroll, accounts payable, and finance. 

    The school district has two payroll clerks who process approximately 3,600 payroll checks each month for 1,700 full and part-time employees. Each payroll consists of approximately $2.5 million. These two individuals are also responsible for filing all state and federal reports for FICA, PERA, TRA, and 403 programs, along with maintaining records for tax shelter programs for district employees.

    Accounts Payable: This area is responsible for the processing of all district obligations other than payroll. These employees are responsible for the proper coding and timely processing of district obligations for instructional supplies, equipment and contracted services purchased by the school district. Payables amount to approximately $25 million dollars per year or more than $2 million per month. This process includes verification of receipt of services and the issuance of approximately 2,050 checks each month.

    Finance Department: This area includes two staff accountants who supervise payroll and accounts payable. This section is responsible for filing all financial reports required for federal and state reporting and monitoring proper coding of all revenue and expenditures to meet state requirements. Preparing levy certification information for debt service levy, and all special levies and conducting truth in taxation hearings. Other areas of responsibility include the preparation of financial projections of revenue and expenditures, preparation of district budgets amounting fo more than $100 million, managing district investments which range from $5 million to $25 million and assist with the district's mandatory yearly audit. This area works closely with the Department of Education in providing the district with current rules and regulations concerning all areas of revenue, expenditures and providing levy data required by the state. This area is also responsible for all elections, including the school board, operating levies and bond referendums.