• Health and Wellbeing 2022-2023 Wellness Incentive Program

    Welcome to the Health and Wellbeing Incentive Program for 2022-2023!  The qualifying period for the program is July 1, 2022, through March 31, 2023.  Make sure you and your spouse (if applicable) complete the Health and Well-Being program by March 31, 2023, to qualify for the Preferred Benefit effective July 1, 2023.  

    • To access the wellness program go to www.healthpartners.com/wellbeing-login/:
      • If you have already logged on to the Health Partners website, log in using your existing username/password.  
      • If you have not set up a Health Partners username and password click on "Create an Account" and register; you will need your HealthPartners ID card.   
    • Health and Well-Being Presentation including log-in instructions, program details, and deadlines
    • Step by Step Instructions & Screenshots of log-in instructions, taking the Health Assessment and choosing a Wellness Activity

    How to Complete the Program:

    Both the employee and the applicable spouse must complete Steps 1 and 2 by March 31, 2023.

    Step 1: Take the online health assessment. Once logged on you will be directed to complete your health assessment. Please allow 15 - 20 minutes to complete the assessment.

    Step 2: Complete ONE wellness activity listed below. These activities can also be found on the Wellbeing home page under the “My Activities" section, "See all activities." You and your applicable spouse may choose any program from the following:

    Health Partners Wellness Activity:
      • myStrength: A flexible and comprehensive digital program to support emotional health and wellbeing with proven tools and activities for stress, depression, sleep and more.
      • 10,000 Steps: Track your steps and activities to see how active you can be
      • Choose to Lose: Try three new habits and track those habits over the course of the activity to encourage healthy weight loss
      • Frequent Fitness: Reward your body and wallet – get money back each month for working out!   (Must have two months of 12 visits each month; the two months must be completed by February 28, 2022)
      • Go for Fruits & Veggies: Try three new habits and track those habits over the course of the activity to increase your fruit and vegetable intake
      • Healthy Thinking: Build awareness of your stress-related negative thoughts by practicing new habits
      • Sleep Tracker: Get better sleep by tracking how much (and how well) you sleep
      • Stress Tracker: Stay on top of your stress by tracking your stress levels and stress triggers
      • Sugar Smart: Learn all about sugar and what types are OK and commit to new habits
      • Tackle Stress: Engage in mindful breathing, body scan meditation, and the practice of gratitude
      • Well@Work Screening: Become informed on your overall health and possible risk areas with a Biometric Screening completed at the Well@Work Clinic. To make your free appointment call 952-967-6857.  (Must be completed at the ISD 622 Well@Work Clinic).
      • Wellbeats: On-demand fitness which aims to make fitness convenient, fun, and accessible to everyone who wants to fit fitness into their lives
      • Wellbeing Phone Coaching: Working with a professional health coach can be the missing link between setting goals and meeting 


    The Preferred Benefit:

    The preferred benefit remains the same as in previous years:

    • For those on the Copay Health Plan: a $20 differential of the office visit copay 
    • For those on one of the following plans, Teacher VEBA, Nutrition Services VEBA, HSA, and ACA plan: a $250 deductible differential   
    • For example, if an employee and spouse on the Copay Health plan choose not to participate in the wellness program, then July 1, 2023, the employee, spouse, and dependents will have an office visit copay of $20 greater than those that completed the Health and Wellbeing program.
    Please note the spouse participation is needed if the spouse is covered under the District health insurance.  Both the employee and covered spouse must complete the Health Assessment and Wellness Activity to qualify for the Preferred Benefit.  If one chooses not to participate, both the employee and spouse (and any dependents on the plan) will have the non-preferred benefit level on July 1, 2023. 
    HealthPartners Health and Wellbeing representatives can be reached at 1-800-311-1052 Monday - Thursday 8 am-8 pm and Friday 8 am-6 pm.