• School District 622 Employee Handbook

    This handbook does not constitute a contract between District 622 and an employee or group of employees. It is designed to give you a basic orientation to the District and may be revised from time to time as District 622 deems appropriate.
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    All policy reference information can be accessed via the links provided for the web based handbook and in the appendix immediately following this handbook if viewing the printed version. A copy of the printed version of this handbook will be available in the main office of all buildings.

    More than 1,500 employees of the North St. Paul - Maplewood - Oakdale Public Schools work together to provide quality educational programs. Of these, about 800 are teachers, principals, administrators and other licensed employees. The other 700 employees are in jobs ranging from custodians, cooks and bus drivers to secretaries, building engineers, education assistants and paraprofessionals. It takes all of us to educate young people and provide quality lifelong learning opportunities.

    We operate 14 schools plus 2 community education centers, a district service center, bus maintenance and dispatching garage, and central warehouse. You may be assigned to one of our 9 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 2 high schools, or another location.

    The school system is governed by a 7-member School Board elected by the voters of the community. The Board holds meetings each month throughout the year. All meetings are open to the public, and you are invited to attend.

    The daily operations of the school system are supervised by the Superintendent and the Superintendent’s staff. We currently serve almost 11,000 students in kindergarten through grade 12, special needs preschool children, and several thousand adult learners annually through our Community Education programs.

    We are proud of our overall instructional quality and successes in college and vocational preparation for all students and our special emphasis on at-risk students and services for exceptional children. Our students regularly receive state and national recognition for outstanding achievement. We feel that this is the best school system in Minnesota, and we hope that you find it is also a good place to work.

    District 622 Mission Statement

    “A community collaborative dedicated to educating and empowering all learners to excel in our changing world.”

    Our Core Values:

    1. Accountability — Accept personal and shared accountability for the results of our work with learners

    2. Integrity — Demonstrate the core values of openness, honesty and integrity in every interaction

    3. Excellence — Seek excellence and attain high levels of
    achievement in every endeavor

    4. Achievement — Focus on the results of action (learning) and
    not the action itself (teaching)

    5. Courage — Do what needs to be done because it is the
    right thing to do

    6. Teamwork — Willing to collaborate

    7. Respect — Respect every individual and provide high levels of service for internal and external customers

    Our Vision

    Learners who are academically engaged, challenged and "world-ready" to succeed beyond their expectations and beyond that of comparable districts. This will be demonstrated by:

    • Consistent high student achievement across all programs
    • Achievement and recognition for excellence in education by our peers

    Adult accountability and leadership that assures sustainable programs, systems, structures and results, consistent high student learning and performance and the development of lifetime pride for our students and community. This will be demonstrated by:

    • Acceptance of accountability for student learning and outcomes for all students
    • Systematically identifying, measuring, refining, achieving and communicating results

    Strategic deployment of financial resources to address current and future learner educational needs. This will be demonstrated by:

    • Attaining and sustaining a solid financial condition
    • Strategically planning for future resource deployment

    Values-based and safe environment for learning and working defined by superior stewardship and strong partnerships among people and resources. This will be demonstrated by:

    • Meeting our public obligations to all learners and staff guided by our Core Values, collaboration and operation

    Our Strategic Directions:

    1. Focus on Individual Student Growth and High Achievement

    2. Focus on Attitude and Actions that Assure Success for All

    3. Align Schedule & Structure to Meet Student Needs

    4. Modernize Technology to Increase Productivity, Improve Learning and Better Prepare Students for "Real World"

    5. Engage in Professional Development to Improve Leadership and Quality of Instruction

    6. Secure and Manage Money Resources Well Enough to Focus on Mission