• Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Apply?
    ISD 622’s method for receiving resumes is via our online application. Apply for a job online! When applying online, your resume is sent directly to our recruitment database, which is accessed by human resources and hiring supervisors. You will automatically receive an acknowledgement that will confirm the receipt of your resume.

    I don't have internet access, how can I respond to one of your openings?
    Computer access is available in the Human Resources Office during our business hours.  Local libraries, unemployment offices, or retailers such as "Kinko's" typically have computers with Internet access available for free or a small fee.

    After I apply online, what if the posting specifies the necessity of supplementary materials such as letters of recommendation?
    If the posting requires supplementary materials such as letters of recommendation or a copy of your teaching license, these need to be attached to your application electronically by the posted deadline, if any. Due to legal considerations, we cannot consider your application unless required supplementary materials are submitted by the posted deadline.

    Where Is Your Office?
    The Human Resources Department is located on the first floor in the District Education Center , 2520 East 12th Avenue in North St. Paul, Minnesota. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Our telephone number is 651-748-7420.

    What About Wages and Fringe Benefits?
    Specific information regarding wages and benefits can be found in bargaining unit labor agreements. These can be viewed via the "Labor Agreement" page. Most district jobs carry some insurance benefits, but this is not true for all jobs.

    Will I Undergo a Criminal Background Check?
    Yes, if you are offered employment. State law requires that we conduct a criminal background check and your employment is conditional upon passing that investigation.

    When Am I Officially Employed?
    You are not legally employed by the school district until the School Board approves your employment at a board meeting. The school board is the legally constituted body which approves all hiring in the district. Any verbal or written commitments are not legally binding upon the school district until board action has taken place.

    Will I Be Interviewed Before I Am Employed?
    For almost every position, candidates will be interviewed by one or more district staff before a hiring decision will be made.

    How can I talk directly with a Human Resources staff member?
    You may obtain human resources information by telephone at 651-748-7420.