• Worker’s Compensation Insurance Information for ISD 622

    When a District employee is injured, the following forms must be completed by the employee:

    WC- Accident Report Form

    WC- Employer Info Form

    The forms MUST be returned to the Human Resources office within 24 hours.  Please do not wait for your supervisor's signature to send to HR.  Employees should send to Human Resources using one of 2 options:
    1. Scan and e-mail the forms to Kayla Bellows at: kbellows@isd622.org 
    2. Fax the forms to 651/748-7448
    Once you have sent the forms to Human Resources, please give the originals to your supervisor so he/she can sign and send to Human Resources. 
    If you have any problems with these options contact Kayla Bellows at 651/748-7424 for assistance.

    If you need to be seen please use the following Work Comp information to properly process the claim:
    Workers Compensation Insurer: SFM Insurance

    Bills can be directed to: SFM Companies

                                           PO Box 9416 
                                           Minneapolis, MN 55440
                                           Phone: (952) 838-4200 

    If you are injured at work and need non-emergency medical treatment, the following clinics are preferred providers who specialize in occupational medicine.
    NOTE: Employees are not limited to these clinics


    ISD 622 Well@Work Clinic

          2520 East 12th Ave.
          N. Saint Paul, MN 55109
          Ph: (952) 967-6857

    HealthPartners Occupational & Environmental Medicine Clinic

    205 S Wabasha St

    St. Paul, MN 55107

    Ph (952) 883-6999

    Minnesota Occupational Health

    1661 St Anthony Ave

    St. Paul, MN 55401

    Ph (651) 968-5300

    Fairview Occupational Medicine

    4000 Central Ave NE

    Columbia Heights, MN 55421

    Ph (763) 572-5700

    Stillwater Medical Group – Workwell Occupational Health

    1500 Curve Crest Blvd

    Stillwater, MN 55082

    Ph (651) 439-1234

    Fairview Occupational Medicine

    6341 University Av NE

    Fridley, MN 55432

    Ph (763) 572-5700




    Please contact Kayla Bellows in the Human Resources Department for more information:
    kbellows@isd622.org or (651)748-7424.

    For information on the Department of Labor, please visit the website:
    Department of Labor call (651) 296-2432.