• Worker's Compensation

    When a District employee is injured, their supervisor must be immediately notified. Together, they should call to report the injury to the SFM Work Injury Hotline at 1-855-675-3501. 

    If a supervisor is not available, contact SFM and follow up with the supervisor to inform them of the injury and report. 

    Contacting SFM, you will get a treatment recommendation from a Registered Nurse and a claim number. 

    Send any medical bills to:

    SFM Companies
    P.O. Box 9416
    Minneapolis, MN  55440
    Phone: (952) 838-4200
    Fax: (952) 838-2000

    If you are unable to call the Hotline, the following form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources office within 24 hours of the injury: Click here for the First Report of Injury Form

    Submit the completed form to Yia Song at ysong@isd622.org, 651-748-7424 or fax to 651-748-7448 

    For more information contact: 

    Yia Song - Human Resources Department: ysong@isd622.org or 651-748-7424
    MN Department of Labor Worker's Compensation, 651-296-2432.

    Medical Treatment
    If you are injured at work and need non-emergency medical treatment, the following clinics are preferred providers who specialize in occupational medicine. Employees are not limited to these clinics.