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Welcome to the 2016/2017 ISD 622 United Way Campaign!

October 3rd - October 28th, 2016

Live United
- Approximately 1 in 5 families with children in Minnesota struggle to put food on the table
- There are approximately 144,000 children ages 6-17 living in or near the edge of poverty in the nine-county region
- In the nine-county metro area, 82,000 women and 33,000 men experience domestic violence each year

We all want to the leave this earth a better place.  United Way is a simple way to do that.  Please consider donating this year to support and empower families and children in your community.  There are many less fortunate than us who are counting on our donations.  

Your weekly gift of:

- $1.00: Provides bedding for a family coping with domestic violence as they move into safe, stable housing
- $5.00: Provides 25 nutritious meals for a family of four
- $25.00: Helps three people develop new job skills
Donate between October 3rd and October 28th at!

Nominate a Coworker – They might win a $25 gift card 

As part of the 2016 District 622 United Way and 622 Foundation campaign we are inviting all staff to recognize a co-worker who exudes the spirit of human kindness to you, to others, to the community.  Just go to this link to enter the person you want to nominate.  All nominated employees will be entered in a random drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks.  The drawing will take place at 3:00 p.m. on October 28th.

Shout out to the all of those who have been nominated!  THANK YOU for all of your noticeable contributions, kind words, and support to the people around you.  Your generosity is appreciated! 

Feel free to read the current submissions below or view them here.



Demonstrates humankind


What did they do to demonstrate humankind?

Alan Garelick

Maplewood Middle 

Every afternoon he works in my room with special students who need or want additional help in math.  Though they are sometimes a challenge, he always teaches them kindly and enthusiastically- all while really TEACHING them math!

Amy Carpenter


Amy really goes out of her way to take care of her students and families. She also is very helpful to her co-workers!

Andy Strub

Early Childhood

Andy listens.  He listens to student, parents and staff.  He works hard at meeting the needs of students and is constantly trying to find new ways to make things better and easier for students. Andy is genuine.  He does this work because he wants to do it.  It's a pleasure to witness him working with others.  He is respectful and attentive.  He makes students, parents and staff feel valued and validated.

Angela Redman


Angela is amazingly supportive of all of the students in our building - not just her own.  She goes way above and beyond to support the kids AND the staff.

Barb Ives


Constantly looking to improve how we support our underserved kids and improve our workplace culture!

Beth Jutila


She puts 100 percent into her job day in and out. Last year when I was putting together a music video about bullying she went out of her way to help me get the equipment and set it up. She also gives guitar lessons to students and connects with them outside of class time.  She is an amazing, radiant woman who puts her heart into her job.

Beth Stanley

North High 

As a new work-based learning coordinator in the district, Beth is my mentor.  She has been exceptional at sharing her time and talents to show me the ropes.  She gives her expertise freely and models community partnering with businesses.  Beth's positivity and enthusiasm has helped eased me into this new position with ISD 622. I am so fortunate to have such a generous colleague!

Bridget Bruner

Castle Elementary

Bridget works hard to ensure that we have a positive and healthy   culture at Castle Elementary. She is dedicated to ensuring that students get the education they deserve while promoting an environment of love, compassion, acceptance, and personal growth!

Carla Korth

John Glenn middle 

Carla is always thoughtful about students.  She makes sure they are all feeling included.  She makes decorations for their lockers symbolizing the after   activities they are involved in.  Whenever a staff person is sick, she makes sure the rest of us send a card to that person.

Carol Seidenkranz

John Glenn Middle 

Always gives hugs to everyone she meets, treats all people like they matter, offers positive life affirming statements to students and staff, has the best interest of others always in her mind.  She is the best there is!

Cathi Hogan


Cathi is always kind.  I don't think she has ever had a bad day she jumps in whenever we need her even on her days off.  The students love her.

Cindy Piersdorf


She is very thoughtful and takes time to talk with students and staff members when they are struggling with issues.

Cindy Piersdorf


I am a new teacher and the first time I was here this summer she poked her head into my room to say hi and welcome.  Since then, she is always checking up on me.  She is willing to come in and help out in my classroom whenever I need her.  She always asks how I am doing and cares about what is going on in everyone's lives.  She does so much for Cowern and is always such a positive person.

Deanna Wuotila


Deanna provides a supportive environment to students every day in her classroom.  She is concerned about their academic, physical and social needs.  She also continues to connect with students after they leave her classroom and has a long term relationship with a former student who has significant needs for a consistent adult in her life.  Deanna continues to be the person who is available for this child in very special ways.

Deb Meisner

Skyview Elementary

Deb is a paraprofessional who works with elementary students on the Austim Spectrum.  She is always kind and gentle with the students.  Her tone shows that she truly cares about who they are as a person.  She takes time to listen and connects with the students. 

Diana Wales

L.C Webster

One amazing woman I know. Good with all the kids helps them in any way to achieve their work. Always checking on how people are doing and always following through on their words.

Dr. Jennifer Wilson


I have never seen Dr. Wilson without a smile on her face. She's under a lot of pressure, being new to the district, and her job, yet she is always happy. Her positive outlook on life is contagious. Students and staff from Cowern are fortunate to have her as our leader.

Emily Kilgore


Emily's compassion for her students and her never ending positive belief in them is awe inspiring. She shows students through her actions, words and attitude what being a kind, hardworking person looks like, sounds like and feels like.

Emily Toot

Castle Elementary

Emily shows her students love and kindness with her words, hugs, her full attention, and devotion. She takes special care to show love to students who need it and ask for it in all the most challenging ways!

Heather Cash

Richardson Elementary 

Cash is always looking for ways she can help others. When I was sick at the beginning of , for example, she brought me homemade chicken noodle soup. Her kindness and selflessness is so admirable.

Janene Lenard

Skyview Middle 

Janene is constantly looking for ways to support others in our   community. She attends benefits, recognitions, after- performances, ceremonies and family funerals for her students and colleagues. She single-handedly runs our social committee and always recognizes special events. Retirement parties are consistently well-planned and attended due to Janene's dedication to kindness. For these reasons and many more, I nominate Janene for the humankindness award!

Janet Doman


She is always so helpful to everyone.  Never gets crabby with people.  Always goes above and beyond to help people

Jeff Zupfer

Eagle Point Elementary 

Jeff has been so kind and helpful - I was new to the team last year and he helped me.  He is a wonderful team member and has shared many ideas with me.

Jen Miley

Skyview Middle 

Jen cares about everyone - students and staff alike! She takes the time to check in when things get tough and reminds all to care for themselves as much as they care for others. Her passion for her work is evident in her daily interactions and her willingness to go above and beyond expectations to meet the needs of her students is extraordinary!

Jen Miley

Skyview Middle 

Jen is an amazing person. She regularly takes time out of her schedule to make time for people. For students. For staff. For anyone who needs it. People know they can rely on her. She is a great friend and a great human!

Jen Miley

Skyview Middle 

Jen is always a ROCK for her students and colleagues alike.  She is the first one to text me when I'm not at work to see if I'm okay.  Students see her as safe space to process, as I've witnessed on countless occasions. Her warm and comforting spirit is exactly why one student last year lost a parent and within hours was walking into   and straight into Jen's office because that was her safe space.  Jen has come to work with broken bones (literally!) and pulled muscles because she cares so much for the students she works with.

Jen Schwartz

Castle Elementary

Jen goes above and beyond her duties as an instructional coach. On any given day you can find her talking with students in the hallways, working with students, providing teachers with academic/CLR/classroom management support, or teaching a lesson in a classroom as a demonstration. Jen puts her heart into everything and it shows in the work she does. We are thankful as staff and students to have her share her "humankind" with us.

Jennifer Quinn


Jen is so energetic and kind to everyone she meets!  Her support for our staff and students has been awesome.

Jennifer Schwartz

Castle Elementary

Jen goes above and beyond to help teachers (like me) become the best teachers they can be. She does not judge, she just wants to help you to be your best self. She is someone that students and staff can count on to be there when you need her!

Jim Demko

Bus Garage

Went above and beyond to make sure a student was getting to Century College on time to get lunch.

John Vruno


He is always so sweet and always has a smile on his face every morning.

Julie Kelly


Julie goes above and beyond to make our school  a great place. She goes out of her way to do whatever she can for staff including organizing pot lucks, creating art projects for teachers, making a million specialty copies, etc. She also does EVERYTHING for our kids. She brings in clothes for students, or helps them with reading or math. Even during the summer she will organize events for our students and do everything to organize it. She is the definition of humankind! She is the kindest sole I know and I am blessed to work with her.

Julie Popelka

Next Step

Julie is behind the scenes always cheering on staff and students alike. She goes out of her way to put a smile on people's faces and to celebrate things big and small.

Karen Gustafson

North High

very helpful to others

Karen Hyers

Tartan High 

always willing to go out of her way to help students and colleagues in need

Kari Aase


Kari demonstrates humankind on a daily basis. She is so positive and exudes warmth. She cares for her students and the building and puts 100% in!

Kathryn Marget

Skyview Middle

Kathryn advocates tirelessly for students while promoting service learning.

Kathryn Marget

Skyview Middle 

Kathryn is amazing. She works tirelessly in so many behind the scenes roles that most people do not have the privilege to see. She loves AVID with everything in her, and does everything she can to make it a successful system at Skyview. The work she does with HP students is incredible as well. She has so many after   hours that are spent with kids! She is the last one to take credit for anything. Kathryn is truly the best!

Keith Reynolds

North High 

For several years, Keith Reynolds has teamed with St. Mark's Lutheran Church to provide "Polar Packs" to North students who are dealing with issues of poverty.  These Polar Packs are distributed to around 25 families weekly to provide food over the weekends.  Mr. Reynolds also works tirelessly with student organizations to gather food, pack the backpacks, distribute them, get them back to be refilled....he runs this program mainly on his own and out of the goodness of his heart.

Kelly Fischbach


Kelly is compassionate, kind, and unbelievably helpful. She greets each person with a genuine smile and interest in their well-being.

Kelly Riemenschneider

The Next Step

Kelly is our   nurse, but she does a lot more than the required activities. Her door is always open to students and staff alike. She's a great listener and adviser. She takes on lots of duties such as collecting clothing for our students; repairing clothing, backpacks, etc., teaching individual students how to wash clothes, take care of their colds, and cook; working with classes to teach various health subjects; and working with staff to help us learn how to better take care of ourselves as well. She constantly emits of spirit of humankind in all she does with no discrimination or preferences. She is an amazing care giver to us all.

Kim Cavallaro


I have watched and listened to Kim interact with parents and staff and she is always kind, respectful and is a good listener. She knows how to diffuse difficult parents and tense situations and shows a genuine kindness to everyone.  She is also very patient and helpful in answering mundane questions from staff.

Kim Cavallaro


Kim consistently models kindness. She always recognizes special events in the lives of others and always lends support when life is hard. I have never seen her be anything but pleasant to anyone.

Kim LeBlanc

Skyview Elementary

Kim comes to work every day with a smile on her face and a desire to make an impact on her students' lives.  She is always willing to help out and make connections with her families.  Kim does this and much more while taking care of her daughter who has special needs and requires special care.  She inspires me and others as continues to persevere through it all.

Laura Thuente

Maplewood Middle 

Thuente is a wonderful listener and mentor. Specifically, Laura Thuente is wonderful at encouraging both students and staff around her to be their very best versions of themselves.

Laurie Ylinnen

Eagle Point

Laurie is the organizer/cheerleader for supporting United Way at EP. As a motivator she holds her own drawing for participants. She bakes the winner a baked good of their choice. Yum!!!

Leah Trumper

Weaver Elementary

Leah is an example of peace and support.  Most recently, she has been proactive with going on home visits and establishing positive, trusting relationships with some of our neediest families.

Lisa Frampton


She is always helping others and goes out of her way to help her co-workers!

Lori Bernstrom

Maplewood Middle 

First person to show me the ropes.  I am always able to talk to her when I feel like I am not doing enough in my classroom and she continues to support me giving me new ideas to implement in my class. She is always the first person to say hello in the morning. I appreciate her being welcoming and I am excited to build our music program with her.

Lori Dvorak

Oakdale Elementary

Lori is always there for everyone.  She is a great teacher, coworker, and most of all, friend.  She has helped me in times of need and has always been a wonderful support for me.  She is one of the most giving people I know, whether it be with time, charity, or just kind, supportive words.  She is truly one of the best people I know.

Lori Forkner

Skyview Elementary

Lori is always willing to drop everything to help others. She is there to help with buses, tie a kiddos shoe, or share a joke to make others laugh. Lori is so willing to share her expertise with staff and students. Lori is an amazingly kind person.  I am so thankful to work with her.

Lori Forkner

Skyview Elem

willingness to help others and go above and beyond, modeling true service through actions, simply smiling at others as a way to brighten others day

Lori Murphy


ALWAYS a kind & helpful person to everyone.  She always keeps everything running smoothly.  I greatly miss working with her every day.

Megan de los Reyes


Megan has the most caring and generous approach with her Kindergarten students. She remains positive at all times and is kind to all she meets.

Megan Gauer


Great attitude and a heart of gold!

Melinda Yang


She is always kind to everyone and a hard worker. She is a good example to peers and to her students.

Miriam Yang


Miriam goes above and beyond what is asked of her at   and around our community. I don't think she knows how much her positive attitude, hard-work and always giving back mentality affects both our Richardson students and the vibes at Richardson. She always has a smile ready, a listening ear and is at every single event - many of them she is either in charge of or working.  When people look at Miriam they see qualities they want to try to embody. Miriam is simply amazing.

Robert Barry

Maplewood Middle

Always kind and understanding to staff and students.  Always thanks his coworkers for their help and work.

Sally Glick


Sally is always ready to give anyone a hand.  She is generous with her time.  EL parents know they can count on her to help them and their children succeed.

Sally Glick

Castle elementary

Sally is continuously thoughtful and proactive in ensuring that we have an equitable environment for our students. She also takes time to listen to others, both children and adults.

Sandy Brown

Skyview Elementary

Always goes out of her way to bring sunshine and happiness into people's days. She is selfless, helpful, and amazing!

Sari Malterud


I was a new staff member this year and Sari has been a life saver in answering my many questions, always having a positive attitude, and a role model that I have learned a lot from. I am blown away by Sari's dedication to her job always going above and beyond for the students and families she supports.

Shawna Campbell

John Glenn Middle 

She has built phenomenal relationships with all staff and students at John Glenn in such a short amount of time.

Steve Witt

John Glenn Middle 

Helped out students who were having a bad day.

Sue Bugge

Skyview Elementary

After the unexpected death of my husband, and the upcoming wedding of our son just two weeks away, Sue volunteered to finish a huge wedding decoration project so that we could work on planning a funeral.  She glued river rock onto glass vases for hours on end and, with a friend's help, finished 30 vases right on schedule!  The wedding was beautiful and my family had time to grieve as they needed.

Susan Bugge

Skyview Elementary

Sue is one of the most caring and compassionate educators I have ever had the pleasure to work with. The phrase "still waters run deep" completely describes who she is as a colleague and a teacher. She does small acts of kindness on a daily basis for her coworkers, families, students and   community which end up making the biggest difference in our day.

Tracy Brown

Tartan High 

Tracy has been very available and helpful towards me since I joined the staff this fall. She's gone out of her way to include me and make sure I know the in's and out's.

Tracy Tessier


As the Early Childhood Family Programs Coordinator, Tracy supports me on a daily basis. Her intentions are always good, she is wise, and her refreshing ideas renew me. I sincerely appreciate her suggestions in helping to make hard choices as I navigate my new role.

Trisha Weldon

Skyview Elementary

Trish goes above and beyond her duties and is always helpful to everyone! Skyview would be lost without her!

Yvonne Borgerding

Oakdale Elementary

Her patience and kindness towards all her students is tremendous!  She goes out of her way to make sure children in need get something to eat when they are here, even if they can't bring it themselves.




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