Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
    The Healthy, Hunger-Free kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) authorizes funding and sets policy for the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Summer Food Service Program, and the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
    HHKFA, upgrades the nutritional standards for school meals, increases access to school meals, provides more meals for at-risk children, and works toward improving the quality of foods supplied to schools, making the most significant changes to school lunch and breakfast programs in more than 30 years.
    Feedback Opportunity
    If parents or other community members would like to voice their concerns or support of the HHFKA here's a federal contact to do so:
    United States Department of Agriculture
    Office of Research, Analysis, Communications and Strategic Support
    Bruce Alexaner, Chief Communications Officer
    People are also encouraged to write their US congressional representative. Specific US Senators and Congressmen can be located via this link: Congressional contact information