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    PayPAM's Mobile App

    The PayPAMS Mobile App for parents is available for Android smart phones and is available soon for iPhone. This convenient app provides parents with options to make payments, views student's meal account balances, cafeteria purchases, and the last 3 payments on account. They can also personalize the app by adding student pictures.


    Parents can download the app by searching for "PayPAMS" on their Android smart phone's Google Play and logging in with the same user name and password as they do on www.PayPAMS.com.


    The PayPAMS app is free for parents, with no additional fees to the school district.

    District parents can prepay for their students’ meals online using their charge cards, electronic checks or debit cards.
    The system is called “Pam’s Lunchroom,” which stands for Parent Account Management System. This free service allows parents to set up an account for automatic payments when their child’s balance is low, access meal account balances or the account history online, and receive automatic e-mail notification of balance status and confirmation of payments made.
    Parents can even register multiple students under one account.
    To begin the registration process, visit www.payPAMS.com or call 1-877-726-7586.
    Parents will be asked to provide their child's lunch account PIN number, which is assigned when students register for school meals. If parent need help with their child's PIN number, they may call District 622 Nutrition Services at 651-748-7530.
    The phone will take the caller through a variety of prompts. Callers will be asked to provide a district identification number, which is 6678 (NORT). The automatic system will then guide parents through the registration process.
    The Pam's Lunchroom web site will ask parents to choose from two payment options, allowing them to make manual payments at their convenience or set up automatic payments based on their student's account falling below an amount that parents determine.
    Parents will receive instant confirmation that their payments have been received. It takes two to three business days to post the information to student accounts at school.
    Student lunch accounts can be accessed at any time at www.PayPAMS.com.
    Remaining Balances
    Balances remaining in a Student's account will carry over to next school year. If they move to a new building, the balance will transfer. We encourage parents to check their student's balance before school starts to ensure that the student has money in his or her account to start the year.