Counseling Resources (Crisis Information below)

    Just a Note: Although we do not give specific referrals for any agencies, the following is a list of community resources for you to contact for counseling and related services. Many of these services offer sliding fee scales or free services. Nearly all of the following information was taken from the Washington County Family Resources Directory, dated July 2002. It is also strongly recommended that students review the following resources with a parent, guardian, or trusted adult. Please remember we do not endorse or give referrals for any of the following.

    Have Concerns? If you're concerned about yourself or someone else and would like information on symptoms of depression and warning signs of suicide, please visit SAVE.ORG or MAYOCLINIC.COM. If you recognize any of the listed signs or symptoms, please speak with a parent/guardian, family doctor, or counselor right away. The Mayo Clinic website also has specific information about types of depression. Please note that it is critical to discuss any concerns with one of the above listed adults.

    Helpful Tip: If you plan to access mental health care using your current medical insurance...

    * Call the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. Ask for a list of mental health providers in your area; you may request male or female providers as well. Also be sure to ask about specific coverage (e.g., number of sessions, copay, and percentage of cost the insurance company will pay).

    * Another resource you can use to find a mental health provider is your family doctor; ask him/her for a referral or name(s) of providers to consider.


    Crisis Services for Students and Families:

    First Call Minnesota: 1-800-543-7709
    Information and referrals concerning counseling and other human services resources for Minnesota residents. Get connected with local resources.

    American Red Cross: 651-439-0031
    Provides assistance after fires and other emergencies. Communication link for military families.

    Battered Women's Crisis Line: 612-646-0994
    Support, referral, and shelter.

    Citizens Council (Victim's Service): 612-340-5422
    Phone counseling for victims of crimes.

    Crisis Connection: 612-379-6363
    Confidential phone counseling and referral.

    Crisis Nursery Crisis Line: 651-439-3613
    24 hour phone line counseling available for families in crisis. Day care and overnight care for children ages birth - 12.

    Crisis Response (Hours 9am-2pm): 651-290-8606
    Provides in-home service for family conflict to avoid out-of-home placements.

    Family Violence Network: 651-770-8544
    Provides emergency shelter, legal assistance, and supportive services to women/children who are in abusive environments. Education and advocacy services provided.
    24 hour crisis hotline: 651-770-0777

    HSI Crisis Clinic: 651-777-5222
    Face-to-face emergency counseling. Fees based on sliding fee. No denial of service due to inability to pay. Walk-in services 9am-11am 7 days/week.

    Minnesota Relay Service: 1-800-627-3529

    Voice & TDD. Provides 24 hour/day telephone linkage between people who are speech or hearing impaired and those who can hear. Callers must prepare all necessary information before calling (e.g., name and TDD number of person to be called).

    Missing Children Minnesota (Hours 9am-4pm): 612-521-1188
    Assistance in searching for missing children and information on search procedures and resources.

    National Runaway Hotline: 1-800-231-6946

    Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
    Emergency and general information concerning poisoning.

    Ramsey Action Program of Washington County (RAP): 651-738-1910
    Provides information and referral for emergency situations, Empowerment for Life Project, Gas Vouchers, Emergency Hot Meals, and McKnight Family Loan Program.

    Rape-Sexual Violence Center (HSI): 651-777-1117
    Phone counseling, information, and referral, advocacy and accompaniment to hospital, police, and courtroom.

    Washington County Mental Health Crisis Line: 651-777-4455
    Information, referral, and counseling for people living n Washington County.