• Employee Assistance Program

    Use the Employee Assistance Program if you are looking for:

    • Practical Solutions to Real Life Problems
    • Family Coverage
    • 24 Hour, 365 Days/Year Coverage
    • No Co-pays or fees of any kind (District 622 pays these fees up front)
    • Ongoing, Unlimited Phone Counseling as Needed
    • No Limit on Number of Calls
    • Licensed Experienced Professionals
    • Voluntary & Confidential Services
    • Crisis or Urgent Appointments within 24 to 48 hours 
    • Free monthly Webinars

    What Types of Problems Does the EAP Handle?

    • relationship issues
    • financial difficulties
    • family issues
    • work problems
    • grief struggles
    • job performance
    • chemical abuse
    • mental health
    • parenting 

    How do I Access the Employee Assistance Program?

    First, call the EAP at either of the phone numbers below to talk directly with a counselor about your issue. This counselor will assess the situation and provide you with options. The EAP is available for crises 24 hours a day - seven days a week. The EAP is confidential to the greatest extent the law allows.

    You may also access the EAP online or mobile app! Log on on to www.hpeap.com with the password: isd622, or download the iConnectYou mobile app. The passcode for the app is 47858.


    • If you hold HealthPartners insurance through ISD622 call:  866-326-7194 or 800-827-3707
    • If you do not hold health insurance call: 651-430-3383 or 1-888-243-5744