• 8th grade math
    The following is a list of all topics that will be covered in the 8th grade Math class this year. This list includes all of the MN standards for 8th grade but does not show the daily learning targets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what will be covered this year. We will be using the Mathematics Textbook as an in class resource and it can be checked out as needed by the student.
    1. Scatter Plots and Data
    2. Rational / Irrational and Number Sense
    3. Proportional Thinking
    4. Linear Equations
    5. Solve Equations
    6. System of Equations
    7. Pythagorean Theorem
    8. Functions
    9. Scientific Notation /exponents
    10. Inequalities / Absolute Value
    11. Sequences
    12. Forms of Equations
          MCA Review
    13. Polynomials
    14. Quadratic
    15 Programming
    Homework Policy
    Homework will be assigned about 2 days a week and the students will often be given time to complete it during class. The student grade will be determined by Classwork / Homework (20%) and Assessment (80%). It is my expectation that each student will complete all homework and I will be available to help after school as needed!
    Behavior Expectations
    Each student will be responsible to come prepared each day to class. I will model and expect mutual respect for all students every day.
    Material Requirements
    I would like each student to bring a calculator to class and when needed I will provide the graphing calculator.