Parents may register to receive access to Parent Portal, which can be used to keep up with student progress.  Students will record assignments and homework in their agenda.  Please feel free to email or call anytime.  While at home, parents are encouraged to any of the following to support your student:

    • Set a regular time and routine for doing homework.
    • Talk with your student about their daily work and reflect on their agenda to make sure they are on task.
    • Ask to look at your student's binder
    • Be aware of your student's classes and his/her performance in each. Praise your student's strengths and help him/her find ways to improve in areas of weakness.
    • Review your student's tutorial request forms to see what kinds of questions he/she is asking in class.
    • Find out who your student's friends are.
    • Be enthusiastic and supportive. 
    • Be positive and give praise when your student takes notes.
    • Be an audience for your student - listen as he/she recites or shares what he/she is reading.
    • Remove distractions during home study time. No television, phone calls, or text messaging.
    • Insist that homework assignments are completed daily
    • AVID students have homework every night!
    8th-grade parents:
    • Be aware of courses your student needs to take before high school and then to graduate high school
    • Be aware of college entrance exams
    • Encourage your student to become involved in extracurricular activities that interest him/her and to keep track of his/her participation.
    • Encourage your student to become involved in community service organizations.
    • Understand that the AVID teacher, coordinator, and counselor are available to provide information about high school and college.  Feel free to call as needed.