• Field Trips that we have taken over the years:
       Creativity Festival at the Science Museum - student were able to pick sessions that they wanted to attend.  Sessions included; Surviving the Artic, Engineering, Drawing, Bookmaking, Hip Hop, Music from India and many more. 
       Century College Visit - students were treated to a tour of Century College.  They were given an introduction to Century College and what a community college offers. They also had a chance to work with the Theatre Department Professor and play some theatre games. 
       Junior Achievement Finance Park - students participated in the Junior Achievement curriculum for several weeks to learn about money, budgeting and stocks.  They then were able to go to Junior Achievement in Maplewood and put all the skills they learned to work.  They were given a scenario with their yearly income and they had to create their budget based on that scenario.   More information about Junior Achievement can be found at http://www.ja.org/programs/programs_mid_park.shtml 
      Concordia University of Saint Paul -  students were treated to a tour of Concordia University.  They visited several buildings on campus and living accommodations.  They also enjoyed a fantastic lunch in the cafeteria.
       University of Minnesota - Twin Cities campus- students were treated to a tour of the U of M. They visited several buildings on campus. They also enjoyed time in the school bookstore, food court and games area.
       Canoeing down the St. Croix River - students traveled down the St. Croix river three in a canoe.  It was challenging, but great fun. 
       University of Wisconsin - River Falls - students were treated to a tour of UWRF. They visited several buildings on campus and living accommodations. They also enjoyed a panel of both professors and students to learn more about college life.
       Climb Theatre Collaborative with Mahtomedi - students played theatre games to work on public speaking skills.  They created a performance in collaboration with Mahtomedi Middle School. There was a final performance at Maplewood Middle School attended by family from both schools.  The collaborative was funded by the Office of Education Equity and done with Climb Theatre