• Meetings

    School Board Meeting Agendas
    The agenda also includes a section known as the Consent Agenda. T
    The Board considers Consent Agenda items to be routine and background information has been provided prior to the meeting.
    Towards the end of each meeting, School Board members are given an opportunity to share relevant information from partnerships, assigned meetings, or community events. This portion of the meeting is called Board Communication.

    Public Comment
    The ISD 622 School Board meetings have returned to in-person meetings. The meeting can be viewed live on the District 622 YouTube channel.  If you wish to comment on any topic included within the agenda during the School Board meeting, please plan to attend the meeting in person.  
    Public comment will be limited to the submitted content and board members will not engage in dialog with the person reading their own public comment. The meetings can be viewed live on the District 622 YouTube channel
    Each Regular School Board Meeting agenda will include an item called Public Comment.
    This is an opportunity for the public to comment on any agenda item. Speakers are required to fill out a registration card and state their name and address. They will have between two and four minutes, depending on the number of speakers, to address their submitted topic. The Public Comment section of the meeting shall last no longer than 30 minutes. Speakers may not receive an immediate response to questions asked during the public comment portion of the meeting. 

    Meeting Calendar
    The School Board will conduct one business meeting per month in the boardroom at the District Education Center, 2520 East 12th Avenue, North St. Paul, unless otherwise noted. Meeting agendas are posted online at www.isd622.org/boardbook the Friday before the meeting date. Business meetings generally begin at 6 p.m. 
    Business meetings are open to the public and provide an opportunity for parents and residents to stay informed about what is happening in the district. School Board meetings are also broadcast live on Cable Channel 20 (in North St. Paul and Oakdale) as well as on the District 622 YouTube channel.
    Meetings are rebroadcast daily at 10 a.m. and 4 and 8 p.m. on Channel 20 and available at any time on YouTube.
    Meeting agendas are prepared by the superintendent and board chair, with assistance from staff and board members. Copies of the agenda are available for all persons attending the meeting. 

    Public Engagement Opportunities
    To engage district residents on education-related topics in a setting outside the formal structure of a School Board meeting, a number of public engagement opportunities will be scheduled. The public will be asked to share opinions and respond to questions from the board. The locations, dates, and times for public engagement opportunities will be posted on the Web site, www.isd622.org, as soon as they become available. 
  • 2021-2022 Calendar

    School Board Meetings
    Business Meetings
    The ISD 622 School Board meetings have returned to in-person meetings. The meeting can be viewed live on the District 622 YouTube channel.  If you wish to comment on any topic included within the agenda during the School Board meeting, please plan to attend the meeting in person.  You may read your comments during the Public Comments portion of the Board meeting. 
    • July 13*
    • August 17
    • September 21
    • October 26
    • November 23
    • December 14
    • January 25
    • February 22
    • March 22
    • April 26
    • May 17
    • June 21

    *With the exception of the July meeting which begins at 4:30 PM

    Study Sessions 
    • August 3
    • October 5
      • Special Session at 4:30 PM with the Study Session to follow immediately afterward (~4:45 PM)
    • November 9
    • December 7
    • January 11
    • March 1
    • April 5
    • June 7
    School Board Study Sessions generally begin at 4:30 PM and the locations for the Study Sessions will be posted as soon as they are available.