Tartan National Honor Society
    If you have any questions about our organization, please see one of the student officers or advisors.  
    Note from the Advisors:

    Tartan’s National Honor Society began when Tartan first opened its doors in February of 1971. This organization is still a strong chapter at Tartan and within our communities. NHS is dedicated to promoting the qualities of leadership, scholarship, service, and character.


    NHS members performed services in many areas: mentored small youth groups at the Kindness and Courage Retreat, assisted with parent/teacher conferences, played BINGO with senior citizens at Oak Meadows, tutored elementary students at local elementary schools, helped at local carnivals, supported youth groups in faith and athletic organizations, assisted Twin Cities in Motion at the Hot Dash run in March, and spent many hours at Feed My Starving Children.  Additionally, this ceremony and reception tonight is organized and put on by the NHS members.


    Two activities that our chapter is most proud of are the Twin Cities Marathon and Sweetheart Dance. NHS helps set-up and carry out the needed responsibilities to assist the 100’s of marathon runners at Mile 13 for the Twin Cities Marathon every October.  Tartan NHS has been the sole group to run this water stop for TCM for the past eight years.   Secondly, we excitedly planned and prepared for the annual Sweetheart Dance for 200 senior citizens at Gladstone Community Center. The students' prepared gift bags, food, and decorations for this event.  


    This was a busy and amazing group of young men and women! In addition to their volunteer service hours, these students maintain commendable grades and a GPA at or above 3.6, hold jobs, and participate in countless extra-curricular activities. These students lead by example and show their peers how to be self-motivated, giving, and proud of their school and community. Tartan and our community have benefited from this group of future global leaders!