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    Deadline is February 12, 2018.
    What Does It Involve? 

    Class… Competitions… Work…

    Skills USA has three basic components.  You would take a seminar class, in which you would learn job ability, job search, job holding, and job specific skills.  You would also prepare for your next component in class; competitions.  You will become a part of a great community within the classroom by preparing for state competitions.  There are also leadership and delegate conferences available! 

    The third component is work experience.  You may be excused for classes during 5th and/or 6th hour to work at a job site.  You also have the option of working outside school hours only and earning double credits if you still take classes 5th and 6th hours. 

    The best way to learn is through experience.  Skills USA can help you figure out if a career is right for you.  It also helps you learn valuable skills needed within your chosen industry.

     For questions please see Mrs. Roberto in room 136 or email at jroberto@isd622.org.