• The Student Council Advisors are Mr. Lotze and Mr. DeCorsey. 
    Mr. Lotze has had many years as an advisor at his past school.  This is his third year involved in Student Council at Tartan. He looks forward to learning all the ins and outs of this Council and assisting in its great traditions at the school.   
    This is DeCorsey's ninth year as a Student Council advisor.  He looks forward to an awesome year and hopes he can help in making Student Council & Tartan High School a positive and enjoyable group for students to grow and become role models for the rest of the school and our community.
    You can reach Mr. Lotze by email at slotze@isd622.org or by phone at 651-702-8677. 
    You can reach Mr. DeCorsey by email at cdecorsey@isd622.org or by phone at 651-702-8833.