• Welcome to the 2020 Torch Yearbook site!

    It is our goal to produce and publish a yearbook that every student at Tartan High School wants to keep for the rest of their lives. Please contact us with any comments or questions throughout the year. Use the following resources to:

    Spring 2020 Yearbook Distribution

    (this information is current as of May 28, 2020 and will be updated as we know more) 

    At this time, due to government-mandated shutdowns at publishing houses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the delivery of the 2020 Tartan Torch has been delayed. Our publisher is hopeful that books will still be delivered in June but there is still no confirmed date for our yearbooks to arrive. 

    In lieu of these changes, we are working with our publisher to mail books to all seniors including those who pre-ordered a book as well as those who ordered this spring via Fee Pay. Books will be mailed to your official address as listed in the Infinite Campus portal. 

    Distribution of books for 9-11 grades will be determined based on best practices at the time the books arrive. We will keep this site updated as we learn more from our publisher. 

    We apologize for this disappointment and hope that when your yearbook is finally in your hands you enjoy the many pages of memories that tell a story of a unique and special school year. We worked hard to make a yearbook that will capture the memories from this year and can’t wait for you to see it!