• Coach: Amy Mousel-Houston
    e-mail: amouselhouston@isd622.org
    phone: 651-702-8772
    Assistant Coach: Michael Houston
    e-mail: michael.houston380@gmail.com
    Fee: $145.00
    Start Date: March 18, 2018
    Equipment needed: Golf clubs, bag, balls, and proper attire. 
    Practice times: Monday - Friday 3:00-5:00 at Oak Marsh or 3:00 to 4:40 when at Tartan for indoor practice
    BE PREPARED FOR ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS: We play in all types of weather. Suggestions to have available:
     1. Umbrella
     2. Rain Gear
     3. Water bottle
     4. Gloves or mittens for cold weather. Golf gloves and rain gloves. 
    5. Golf Towel
    6. Lip balm or sunscreen
    7. Stocking cap or headband for ears 
     8. Bug Spray
     9. Hat or visor
    10. Waterproof golf shoes or leather tennis shoes. Include extra socks if needed when raining.
    11. Snacks: granola bars, nuts, fruit, etc... (18 holes can be 4-6 hours on course)
    12. Hand warmers or foot warmers if really cold. (Rules do not allow you to put golf ball in same pocket as warmer)
    13. Band-aids or sports tape. (Blisters are really common for golfers, especially if wearing new shoes)
    14. Advil
    15. Wear layers for cold weather. The top layer should be Under Armour, turtleneck, long sleeve shirt under polo, windbreaker or jacket.
    16. Wind pants or athletic sport pants with leggings or cotton slacks underneath.
    1. Walk at a brisk pace.
    2. Never take more than 1 practice swing.
    3. Play ready golf. Continue hitting toward the hole, as long as it is safe, and always announce to fellow players.
    4. Walk directly to your ball and start preparing right away.
    5. Place bag to the side of the ball and always move bag at each shot.
    6. When approaching green, place bag to the side of green the next tee box is on, but out of play.
    7. On the green mark ball, clean and place back down if furthest from the hole.
    8. Always putt out if not standing in another player's line.
    9. The first one to putt out, go and stand by flagstick to be ready to put it in the hole when everyone completes putting.
    10. Go directly to tee box after declaring score.
    11. All scoring should be done at next tee box NOT AT THE GREEN.
    12. Always play a provisional ball if you feel the ball is lost or out of bounds. (GOING IN THE WATER IS NOT A PLACE TO USE A PROVISIONAL BALL)