• Track and Field can start on March 29th

    First Contest can be 4/8/21

    Conference Championship 6/1 and 6/3 (Could be a new format due to pandemic)

    Section Qualifier will be 6/8 and 6/10 (could be a new format due to pandemic)

    State Meet will be 6/19





    There are several common categories of events in Track and Field. The broad categories are Sprints (100 Meters, 200 Meters, and sprint relays) Mid Distance (400 Meters and 800 Meters and Relays), Distance (1600 Meter and 3200 Meters), Hurdles (100 Meter and 300 Meters) Jumps (Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump and Pole Vault) Throws (Shot and Discus).



    It’s important to know what you’re good at. Are you a super-fast runner at short distances and have a fast stride turnover? You might be good at sprints. Do you have great coordination as well as speed? You might try hurdles.

    Do you have a strong upper body? You might be good at throwing events like shot put and discus. Do you have a lot of elasticity in your body? You might be a good candidate for long sprints or jumping.

    As coaches, we may see something in you and suggest certain events. If you really aren’t sure, you can also try a few different events and see which you like best.


    Season Start Date? Meet Schedule?

    I am assuming that our season will be different and will start later. Winter Sports has started later and is ending at the end of March. More than likely we begin after Spring Break the beginning of April. I will update as I know more from the State High School League.


    What grades can compete in Track and Field?

    Track and Field is offered to students in Tartan grades 9-12 and there has been exceptional athletes that have started in grades 7th or 8th in the Tartan school boundaries.



    Interest and Questions?

    Please contact jboyle@isd622.org





    Track and field is a fantastic sport where anyone with the desire can participate and be a part of the team. Though every athlete should set different goals for themselves, the sensation of success feels the same. As coaches, our purpose is to help you achieve your individual goals. And success is not based on talent alone. Hard work, mental toughness, great training, and desire are all part of the equation. So give your best, train hard, be dedicated to your goals and make your time here worthwhile!


    Through your experience on the team, we also hope you gain great insight into yourself. We hope you learn how to push yourself to the limit and then reflect on how far you’ve come. We hope you learn more about being healthy physically and mentally. We hope you learn to love track as a lifetime sport.  We hope you share many friendships and that together you make unforgettable memories as members of this team. And we hope you are proud to be a part of Tartan athletics. Best of luck to you this season!

    Coach Boyle Head Girls Coach jboyle@isd622.org (Teacher at Skyview)
    Responsible for Distance and the team
    Coach Evans (Teacher at Maplewood Middle School)
    Sprints, Relays, and High Jump
    Coach MacDonald (Teacher at Tartan)
    Shot and Discus
    Coach Ronayne (3M Employee and Loves the Vault)
    Pole Vault coach 
    Coach Richards Sprints and Jumps (Elementary PE teacher)