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    Preparations for Tuesdays meet 5/4/21


    All 8 conference schools will be present and the need to follow MSHSL co vid protocol. As a team, we will be limited to 3 athletes per event. As coaches, we will try to be competitive along with allowing opportunities for as many athletes as possible. 


    Spectator Protocols 

    Each school is afforded a maximum of 2 spectators per athlete. Each participating school shall prepare their own spectator list in alpha order by athlete last name. Schools shall send their spectator list directly to Hill-Murray and Henry Sibley no later than 8:00am on the day of the event. Spectators must be on the pre-approved list per school & be prepared to show matching picture ID at the gate. No changes to the spectator list are allowed after 8:00 AM and no changes are allowed at the door. 

    Admission of $6 per spectator will be charged. Schools shall charge their own spectators according to their internal/local process, and the MEC will then send invoices to each school. Spectators shall arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the start of the field events/track events. All MDH/MSHSL COVID mitigation regulations are in effect. Spectators are expected to wear masks/face coverings and sit at least 6 feet away from anyone not in their household.



    High Jump Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 

    Long Jump Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 

    Shot Put Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 

    Triple Jump North, Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 

    Pole Vault North, Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 

    Discus North,Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 


    High Jump North,  Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 

    Long Jump North, Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 

    Shot Put North,  Simley, South St Paul, Tartan 

    Triple Jump Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 

    Pole Vault Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 

    Discus Hastings, Henry Sibley, Hill-Murray, Mahtomedi 


    The event order timeline has been modified for a one-day meet according to 2021 protocols. Event times are approximate. Event start times may actually be later than posted but will not start earlier than noted below. 

    4:15 4x800 Relay 

    4:30 100/110 High Hurdles 

    4:42 100 Meter Dash 

    4:53 4x200 Meter Relay 

    5:00 1600 Meter Run 

    5:12 4x100 Meter Relay 

    5:18 400 Meter Dash 

    5:30 300 Low/Intermediate Hurdles 

    5:45 800 Meter Dash 

    5:57 200 Meter Dash 

    6:10 3200 Meter Run 

    6:25 4x400 Meter Relay







    Track and Field 2021

    Track and Field starts March 29th

    Practice Times 2:30-4:30 (Stretching, event instruction, event practice, and cool down)

    Open to grades 7 thru 12 registration is required on the Tartan Athletic and Activity Home Page.


    1st Day of practice we will meet on the track at Tartan.


    • Face mask and it must be worn
    • Your own water bottle
    • Come prepared to run, jump, and throw, wear appropriate clothing. It is Spring and the weather will fluctuate. 

    Plan on practice 5 days a week (no practice April 2nd)

    Most meets are on Thursday or Tuesday 


    COVID precautions will be taken. Most meets are dual meets this year to reduce exposure to others, limited entries into the meet.


    We will have 13 contests scheduled with athletes having opportunities to run based on times or tape measures.


    Meets (Location of meet will be in bold print)

    April 8th     Thursday    Simley, Tartan, St, Thomas (varsity)

    April 15th   Thursday    South St. Paul, Tartan (varsity)

    April 22nd  Thursday   Hastings, Tartan, St. Thomas (varsity)

    April 29th   Thursday   Mahtomedi, Tartan (varsity)

    May 4th      Tuesday    Hill Murray, North, Tartan, Mahtomedi(varsity)

                                              Girls only

    May 13th    Thursday   Hill Murray, Tartan, St. Thomas (varsity)

    May 20th    Thursday   North vs Tartan

    May 25th    Tuesday     JV Championships Hill Murray, North, Tartan, Maht

                                             Girls only

    June 1st     Tuesday     Conf. Championships Hill Murray, North, Tartan, Maht

                                             Girls only

    2nd Week of June        Section Location and times TBD


    Varsity and Junior Varsity will vary based on everyone having an opportunity to compete, availability of runners, performances, and other situations. 





    There are several common categories of events in Track and Field. The broad categories are Sprints (100 Meters, 200 Meters, and sprint relays) Mid Distance (400 Meters and 800 Meters and Relays), Distance (1600 Meter and 3200 Meters), Hurdles (100 Meter and 300 Meters) Jumps (Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, and Pole Vault) Throws (Shot and Discus).



    It’s important to know what you’re good at. Are you a super-fast runner at short distances and have a fast stride turnover? You might be good at sprints. Do you have great coordination as well as speed? You might try hurdles.

    Do you have a strong upper body? You might be good at throwing events like shot put and discus. Do you have a lot of elasticity in your body? You might be a good candidate for long sprints or jumping.

    As coaches, we may see something in you and suggest certain events. If you really aren’t sure, you can also try a few different events and see which you like best.



    Interest and Questions?

    Please contact jboyle@isd622.org





    Track and field is a fantastic sport where anyone with the desire can participate and be a part of the team. Though every athlete should set different goals for themselves, the sensation of success feels the same. As coaches, our purpose is to help you achieve your individual goals. And success is not based on talent alone. Hard work, mental toughness, great training, and desire are all part of the equation. So give your best, train hard, be dedicated to your goals and make your time here worthwhile!


    Through your experience on the team, we also hope you gain great insight into yourself. We hope you learn how to push yourself to the limit and then reflect on how far you’ve come. We hope you learn more about being healthy physically and mentally. We hope you learn to love track as a lifetime sport.  We hope you share many friendships and that together you make unforgettable memories as members of this team. And we hope you are proud to be a part of Tartan athletics. Best of luck to you this season!

    Coach Boyle Head Girls Coach jboyle@isd622.org (Teacher at Skyview)
    Responsible for Distance and the team
    Coach Evans (Teacher at Maplewood Middle School)
    Sprints, Relays, and High Jump
    Coach Thompson (First Year Coach from Concordia Moorhead and Tartan Alumni)
    Shot and Discus