2020 Girls Track and Field Schedule


    3/16                           Track Starts


    4/8                             UWRF Conf Time Trial- Everyone competes


    4/9                           Princeton MN Invite Varsity (Top 3 athletes per event based on 4/8 or practice performance) @ Princeton 

                                     Recovery time is short meaning more runners needed. Girls Meet


    4/14                          Heidi Kunz Co-Ed Invitational @ Mahtomedi (Top 3 Athletes per event)


    4/21                           CO ED Hill Murray, Simley & Tartan @ Tartan EVERYONE


    4/24                         Spring Lake Park Invite  Co ED (Top 3 athletes per event) @ Spring Lake Park


    4/28                        Conference Relays @ Hastings CO ED  2:00 Field Events, 3:30 Running


    5/1                           Tartan vs Cretin @ Tartan CO ED every one competes


    5/5                          True Team  CO ED @ Eagan ( Top 3 athletes per event)


    5/7                          Mahtomedi JV CO ED @ Mahtomedi


    5/12                        Henry Sibley, Tartan, South St. Paul  CO ED@ South St Paul Everyone competes


    5/14                        Conference JV Meet CO ED @ Mahtomedi


    5/19                        Conference Prelims @ Hill Murray  CO ED 3:00 Field, 4:30 Running


    5/23                       Conference Finals @ Henry Sibley CO ED 3:00 Field, 4:30 Running


    5/26                       Section Prelims CO ED @ Stillwater


    5/28                       Section  Finals CO ED @ Stillwater


    Varsity is determined as the top 3 athletes in the event. This is a fluid position based on current times. Any athlete has an opportunity to earn the top 3 spots and any time during the season.


    Athletes may only be in a maximum of 4 events in a meet which also makes the varsity position open to competition throughout the year.


    CO ED meets will run longer due to double the events.