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    Bring in all the equipment you have.  Buy what you are missing. 

    Bring in RENT money 

    Week 5
    Monday  12/9    Bus to Lake Elmo
    Tuesday 12/10   Bus to Lake Elmo   1st Conference School Ski meet.  Skate.  Boys First at 3:45 Girls follow,  JV/ beginners after
    Wednesday  12/11  Meet Cancelled.  Will be practicing at Tartan
    Thursday  12/12   Bus to Cottage Grove if get a bus
    Week 6
    Monday 12/16  Bus to Battle Creek
    Tues   12/17   Bus to Lake Elmo  Possible  JV/ Beginner meet
    Wed.  12/18   Practice at TARTAN
    Thurs.  12/19  EARLY RELEASE  MEET AT THEODORE WIRTH PARK    HIGH SCHOOL OUT AT 2:15 on bus by 2:30,  WILL pick up Skyview kids if can't get to TARTAN in Enough time.
    Friday   12/20  Practice at TARTAN  
    WEEK 7
    Monday 12/23    Bus to William O'Brien State Park  Leave at 9AM  Pack a lunch  Return by 3PM
    Tues.  12/24  NO PRACTICE
    WED  12/25   NO PRACTICE
    THURS  12/26   NO PRACTICE---Ski on your own if snow
    FRI  12/27   Bus to Willow River STATE Park  Leave at 9AM  Pack a lunch   Return by 3PM
    WEEK 8
    Monday  12/30   BUS to Mora or Timberland Hills  Leave at 8AM  Pack a lunch   Return by 3 or 4PM
    Tues 12/31   NO Practice-  ski on your own
    Wed  1/1  NO PRACTICE
    Thurs  1/2   Bus to Lake Elmo Park reserve
    Friday 1/3  Wax for Mesabi  Ski at TARTAN
    SAT  1/4    Varsity ONLY meet to Giants Ridge  5AM
    WEEK 9
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