•  Tartan boys are 2021 Metro East Conference Champs

    Latest News from the Coaches

    Pictures were taken at the Conference meet.  See link to view and purchase.

      $3 a download.  Not a bad deal.   https://mavericphotography.zenfolio.com/ is the site. 


     Live streaming on Tartan High School Athletics.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZkNBlyYzrVSHtQdD8WoXAg


     The online ordering notification link for pictures  http://my.lifetouch.com/mylifetouch/pictureDayId/EVT868VD4


    Section Race is at HYLAND  


    We wish spectators to have an enjoyable experience rooting for their team while competitors have a safe and fair race course. Please follow the listed guidelines to ensure a successful event: 

    Spectator areas are highlighted in light blue on the map. 


    1) Ski to any point along the course before the race begins, and return on skis on the trail after the last competitor has passed, provided they have a valid trail pass. 

    2) Walk to any point along the course, as long as you are not walking on the trails. 3) Cross the trail on skis as long as there are no racers in sight. 

    4) Ring cowbells, cheer, post signs along the course, provided you remove any signs at the end of the day. 


    1) Be present in the start area or finish area at any time.  

    2) Walk on the trail at any time. There are plenty of ways to get to viewing points without walking on the trails. It is important to keep the trails clean, flat and compacted. 

    3) While on skis, cross the trail or ski on the trail when skiers are present. Visual contact with other skiers is important for racers. Just because there is a gap between skiers so that you can cross without touching a skier does not make it appropriate. If you can see a skier, then the skier can see you, and you should not cross. 

    4) Cross under any flags or over any fences. The flagged off/fenced areas are for coaches and officials only. 


    3/1 Section skiers turn in one set of skies to coaches.  Meet at Lake Elmo Park Reserve  4 to 5PM 


    3/2- Do some strides or skiing on your own, turn in skies Tartan Back Parking Lot  4PM- wax day   

    3/3- Section Race !   Bus leaves for Hyland at 8am - 

    8:30am- We will arrive at site

    8:45 Boys will test wax and warm up for 10am race. 

    10Am  Boys classic

    10:30- recovery and get ready to skate

    11AM Boys skate race

    11:30 Boys cool down- return to bus or spectate girls race no where near the start line

    11:30 Girls warm up and test wax for classic

    12:00  Girls race Classic

    12:30 Recover and hydrate

    1:00 Start line for Girls Skate race

    1:30 DONE   Photos,  Celebrate.     Leave site by 1:45- 2pm

    Time Schedule:
    9:30 Boys Pod A Classic
    10:00 Boys Pod B Classic
    10:30 Boys Pod A Skate
    11:00 Boys Pod B Skate
    11:45 Boys Pod C Classic
    12:00 Girls Pod C Classic
    12:45 Boys Pod C Skate
    1:00 Girls Pod C Skate
    2:00 Girls Pod A Classic
    2:30 Girls Pod B Classic
    3:00 Girls Pod A Skate
    3:30 Girls Pod B Skate
    Session 1
    Boys Pod A: Forest Lake, Irondale, Mounds Park Academy, Stillwater
    Boys Pod B: Roseville, St. Paul Como Park, Tartan, White Bear Lake
    Session 2
    Boys Pod C: Great River, Liberty, Mahtomedi, Mounds View, No. St. Paul,  (21 total skiers)
    Girls Pod C: Great River, Mounds View, Tartan (14 total skiers)
    Session 3
    Girls Pod A: Forest Lake, Irondale, Mounds Park Academy, Stillwater
    Girls Pod B: Mahtomedi, Roseville, St. Paul Como Park, White Bear Lake

    Each school will be responsible to relaying the spectator limit (1-2) and enforce the social distancing/mask wearing guidelines as outlined in the below document.  In addition, please relay to each school that they are responsible for signing up the spectators.  They should have a sign-up sheet of who is planning to attend the meets which will help ensure the limit as well as be able to follow up if there would be a COVID exposure.  




    There will be a spectator entrance to the left of the start area. The start and finish will be fenced off. NO SPECTATORS ARE ALLOWED IN THE START/FINISH AREA NOR SHOULD THEY CONGREGATE OUTSIDE THE FENCE IN THESE AREAS. Spectators must go out onto the course, at least 100 metres from the start and finish.


    4) Team camps will be on the ball fields north of the parking lot. There should be no more than 7 athletes and three coaches per team in the team camps. No extra athletes, no parents, no spectators. You may have the necessary personnel to test wax.


    Banquet is not allowed.  WE will meet in the parking lot to distribute awards and return uniforms.  Date and time to be announced soon.   


    If sick - STAY HOME-  contact coach Boyle    bboyle@isd622.org





    Minnesota State High School League COVID Guidelines  

    Email Bboyle@isd622.org for more information regarding Nordic skiing. 
    Head Coach -Becky Boyle


    Questions   email:  bboyle@isd622.org
    Join us on Instagram if you are a member of the team or family member.      tartannordic
    We also use the Remind Me app to update parents and skiers about practices and meet changes. 
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    Text    @19eb4