Welcome to 2021-2022 Nordic Ski Season


     Another week of Virtual learning.  Meet me at ski site not Tartan. Email or call if a problem. JV skiers if you are unable to get a ride during the week then take the day off.  See below for specifics.

     Please be patient as we find sites with snow and connect with schools for races.  The schedule should be checked often to stay up with the changes.               

    Week 10

    Jan. 17th No School  MLK day- Read below carefully

    • Varsity Skiers find a place to ski for the day on your own or with friends.  Get in distance. 
    •  JV skiers Meet me at Tartan at 4:30PM to wax skies for race  Tuesday 

    Jan. 18th-   JV Conference Meet- TARTAN HOSTS   Meet at Lake Elmo Park Reserve

    JV skiers: Danica, Lily, Abby, Abe, Gavin, Seth, Juan Carlos

    • JV Race Schedule
      • 3:45  Boys
      • 4:05 Girls
      • 4:45  Awards
    • Varsity will join and have a seperate workout and will cheer on JV   VARSITY SKIERS  ( Arlie, Maggie, Eleora, Olivia, Katrina, Kiera, Nick, Kyle, Josh, Dylan, Noah)

    JV Practice is Optional from this point forward.  

    Jan. 19th-  3:30pm - 4 PM  I will drive a school vehical to this location.  Meet at 3pm  Cottage Grove Ravine  - High of 4 degrees.  Wear winter coats 

    Jan. 20th -  3:30- 4    High temp is zero.   30 minute classic ski at Lake Elmo Park Reserve   

    Jan. 21st-  High of 13 degrees-  Costume race at Simley is a maybe.  TBD   depart 3pm from Tartan or meet me there.


    Week 11

    Jan 24th-  Lake Elmo 4:30PM- 6pm

    Jan. 25th- Battle Creek Dog Park-   3pm- 5   

    • OR       Possible race with MSA at Elmo this week sometime. Should know soon.

    Jan. 26th- Lake Elmo  3-5

    Jan. 27th-   Possible relay race at Two rivers.   TBD

    Jan. 28th - TBD


    Week 12

    Jan. 31st- Lake Elmo 4:30- 6

    Feb. 1st- TBD

    Feb 2nd- Wax skies- rest day

    Feb 3rd-  Varsity Conference Championships  ALL DAY-  HYland Park Bloomington

    Feb 4th- Battle Creek


    Week 13

    Feb. 7th- Lake Elmo 4:30- 6

    Feb. 8th- Lake Elmo 3-5

    Feb 9th- REst day wax for SECTIONS

    Feb 10th - SECTION 4AA     ALL DAY MEET

    Feb. 11th-  Picture day and return equipment/ uniforms


    Feb 16-17 STATE MEET





    Email Bboyle@isd622.org for more information regarding Nordic skiing. 

    Head Coach -Becky Boyle






    Join us on Instagram if you are a member of the team or family member.      tartannordic


    We also use the Remind Me app to update parents and skiers about practices and meet changes. 

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