Tartan Soccer
    Our booster club proudly supports the Boys' soccer program, lead by Josh Wendorf jwendorf@isd622.org
    Visit the Boys Soccer Pages for more information.

    Additional Boys' Coaches include:

    Coach Grewe
    Coach Johnson-Salvador
    Coach Chapman

    *****Team Pictures

    For pictures of the team, visit https://tartantitansboyssoccer.shutterfly.com/
    This is a private site.   If you want access to this site you just need to ask and we will get you added.  Request access at https://tartantitansboyssoccer.shutterfly.com/.  Contact Dawn if you have any issues at dawn.duerre@gmail.com.  
    This site contains the photos that Dawn and other parents have taken since the beginning of the 2015 season. 

    They are divided by team and date, so I hope it is easy for you to find pictures of yourself/son.  There are lots of boys playing soccer and we do our best to get photos of everyone, but apologize if we missed you/your son. 

    We hope you enjoy looking and do feel free to download to your own device.

    If other parents have any photos they would like to share with the team let us know and we can add your photos. 
    NOTE:  This is Dawn's last year taken photos, as her son is now a senior.  If you are interested in helping take pictures in 2018, please contact Dawn or the Tartan Soccer Booster Club at tartansoccerboosters@gmail.com