• Junior Year

    August - December
    Review your high school coursework and activity plan.
    Keep in mind that colleges look for the following:
    • Challenging coursework.
    • Strong GPA.
    • Involvement in extracurricular activities such as sports, volunteer work or activities with your church.
    • Put together a list of 10 colleges that you would like to attend. Plan to apply to at least 3-5 schools. 
    • Study and register for the PSAT.
    • Obtain dates and locations of college fairs.
    • Take the PSAT (October).

    January - February
    • Begin to narrow your college list and obtain catalogs for each school.
    • Attend financial aid nights
    • Schedule college visits
    March - May
    • Register for the ACT or SAT
    • Begin preparing essays for college admissions and scholarship applications. 
    • Keeps your grades up!
    • Plan your summer activities to help with college admissions. 
    June - July
    • Visit colleges and take tours
    • Read a variety of books
    • Save money for college