• College in the Schools Program

    What is College in the Schools?

    College in the Schools (CIS) is a partnership of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and area high schools that delivers U of M courses to qualified high school students-right in their own schools. Courses are taught during the regular school day by exceptional high school instructors who are selected and supported by University faculty. The content, pedagogy, and assessment of CIS courses are equivalent to the U of M’s on –campus courses. Students successfully completing a course receive U of M academic credits that are transferable to other colleges.

    What is Concurrent Enrollment?

    College in the Schools is a concurrent enrollment program. Taking a CIS class means you are concurrently enrolled in both a high school and a U of M class. In any CIS class, you simultaneously earn both high school and U of M credit.

    How do I enroll in a CIS course?

    Students are eligible to register for CIS courses if they meet both the grade level and class ranking criteria required by the particular CIS course.