• Schoology TIps

    April 1, 2020

    Dear 622 Families,

    We want to take a quick moment to clarify two common Schoology questions.

    Q: How do my students and I access Schoology?

    • Please make sure your student is accessing Schoology with their student account.  Students use their district-issued email to access Schoology with a special link (http://isd622.schoology.com). The student account is different from the parent account. Parents have a separate login link. Please visit Help Guides to view the Schoology help guides.

    Q: What do the grayed-out sections mean?

    • If you see a grayed-out section, the teacher may have set up a completion rule. This will require the student to view an item or complete an assignment before they can move on to the next item in the folder. Many sections are grayed-out until the student completes the required section. 
      • A visual cue: A student progress bar at the top or a grayed out “Must Complete” underneath the folder will indicate that a completion rule is in place. 
      • The folder or item has met the completion rule when you see the “Must Complete” turn green.

     Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work through the first few days of distance learning together.

    North High School is now using Schoology, an innovative learning management system used for course management, mobile learning, and support for system-wide communication.

    Parent Schoology accounts are automatically created, and login information is sent directly from Schoology.

    If you need assistance accessing your Parent Schoology account, please visit: www.isd622.org/parentresources

    Schoology Parent Login link: app.schoology.com